Wednesday, 15 May 2013

grow: our garden

Living in the city means there are lots of great things right on our doorstop.  We live close enough to easily walk to the "down town" but we are in a lovely area on a quite street with a wonderful park just around the corner.  As I have mentioned before, school is around the corner and day care is only up the road a bit so it really is perfect.  The only downside is that our garden space is small.  But this hasn't stopped us when it comes to growing our own food.

Pots: We have a range of tubs in the garden that are a combination of traditional plant pots, hand made timber planters and IKEA storage tubs, simply with drain holes drilled in the bottom.  The red IKEA tubs are much cheaper than traditional planters and although they may fail after a few seasons of sunlight, they are also recyclable.

Soil:  I try and buy good quality organic potting mix and manure to feed the soil.  Good soil it the key to growing good food!  CERES in Brunswick is a great place for potting mix (and plants)

Plants:  Over the summer we grew cherry tomatoes, large tomatoes, strawberries (tiny and sweet), cucumbers, rocket, basil (and a wide range of other herbs), peas, dwarf beans, swish chard, and beetroots.  We did not use any sprays or powders or chemicals of any sort and we had great success with hardly any loss to insects.  Now, heading into winter, we have in carrots (purple and 'bunny balls'), broccolini, mini cabbages, more Swiss chard (its has not stopped growing), kale and kohlrabi plus the herb garden.

With only a tiny space and a lot of love, we are producing some delicious vegetables, herbs and fruit.  And the benefit for the children?  I am sure you all know how wonderful the experience it is for them.  There is nothing quite like walking out the front door and picking your dinner.

 Do you grown plants or herbs?

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Kate said...

Looks great! You really put my summer efforts to shame; most of it died while I was on holidays and my neighbour forgot to water it. And someone stole my basil...