Sunday, 16 September 2012

Miss Fox

Luckily I don't work (most) Wednesday's so I had a few minutes to work on the book week parade costume for this year. Stella had decided that she wanted to go as one of her favourite Roald Dahl characters 'Fantastic Mr Fox'. Thank the stars for Pinterest and the great foxy inspiration. A quick raid of the fabric scraps and stash and this is what I came up with. Ears on a head band that I covered with orange velvet ribbon; a tail, tipped with a white end that was tied around her waist; a mask from orange felt, lined with cotton fabric with appliqu├ęd features; and a tie. All foxes need a tie!

Stella loved it and told me that I am the 'best costume maker ever.' Of course this made my year.

Monday, 27 August 2012

A little night out

Someone in our house just turned 40. Not me but someone super cool and super lovely. The best part, after seeing his face as he got the coffee machine of his dreams, was that we got to go out. Out to dinner without the children! Together. It has been about 2 1/2 years since that happened. I was so excited. Like that kid in that lolly store!

We went to a pub. We stood with other grown ups and drank. We went to dinner. In a hip restaurant with hip people and hip food. With other grown ups. The food was fantastic and outstanding value.

It was all wonderful We had a ball. I was even the mature one who suggested we didn't have another mojito. I had forgotten how lovely it is to spend time with that other grown up in the house out of the house.

We live moments away from some great new restaurants like 'Moon Under Water' and 'Casa Ciuccio' so planning the next night out began before the last one ended. Someone in the house is nearly 39 so not too long to wait...

For anyone interested, we ate here
And drank here

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


It's a funny old thing, isn't it? When we were little days seemed to stretch on forever. Now, when we really need it to slow-the-&uck down, minutes and hours and days rush past, vanishing out if sight.

Time and those precious minutes have taken on a whole new importance over the last 5 months - I went back to work. Paid outside of the house kinda work. 4 days a week. 4 days a week, 4 days of precision timing, of planning everything to the minute. Drop offs and pick ups and trams. This fine tuned balancing act where every minute counts. Where if you are running late at one point, you are dangerously late for child care or after care pick up at the other point.

It's been a huge adjustment for the little 2 ones as they now spend lots of hours in care. Good care though. With people who seem to love what they do. Louis doesn't cry anymore. Well not every day...

After 6 years at home, 6 precious years at home, it's been a little shock for me. But in some weird way that has a lot to do with the absurdity of time, it feels like I never left that Department.

And it's been good to use my brain in other ways. To feel like I am part of something big.

I admire those parents who do this 5 or even 6 days a week as its tough. I k ow that I was lucky to be able to have spent so long at home with the children. But going back to work meant I have a new perspective on the home vs working parent debate. Frankly it's a stupid debate. More on that later...

The clock is ticking. But it's my one day at home with Louis. So I am ignoring the clock, for now...

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

From here

The unpacking is done and what little remains are those boxes of 'extras' that will no doubt remain packed for the next few years. They will stay packed and eventually forgotten about until the next move.

This place feels like home already. Even without the pictures on the walls and the finishing touches 'finished' it feels like we belong here. My husband says he feels 'happier' here. I think we all do. The house is free standing so has more windows and more light. You can't underestimate the value of light - of views of the sky and trees and clouds and roof tops.

This is Louis and I in playroom - the sunniest and most relaxing room in the house. And even when it's looking like it does here, people always say they love this room. Louis is asleep, at the breast. Relaxed, happy and dreaming in this new old house.

Saturday, 17 March 2012


Well 'moved' is more appropriate as we have done it. The nightmarish thing that it is - all the packing and cleaning and transporting of crap to a new place. A new place that is total chaos with all the unpacking and cleaning and finding places for all the crap.
I am exhausted from it all. We all are.
But we love the new house - all 400 meters from the old house. It's bigger and brighter and pretty and old. But I don't feel like this 'change is as good as a holiday.' I need a real holiday - one with a beach and the sun and housekeeping...

Friday, 10 February 2012

wearing this friday

wearing - skirt: $2.99 Brotherhood of St Laurence Op Shop - needed new zipper which I replaced last night
leather belt: $2.00 as before
yellow necklace: $1.00 as before
tee-shirt: $10.00 Tokyo, Japan
shoes (not shown - animal print suede ballet flats): $5.00 Salvo's Store, Carlton North
photo - iPhone 4S, bad light, blurry.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

the spanner...

I don't like it when my boat is rocked; when there is a spanner in my works; when there us a hornet in my nest. Things have been going along oh so well. Long summer days, happy (and mostly healthy) children, settling in and feeling at home here in the new-old house. But this home is not ours. When we sold up and moved to Melbourne we decided to rent for a while, find what we like and wait for me to return to the paid workforce. So we rented a great house in a great street in a great suburb. Now the house may be sold and we just can't afford to buy it at the moment.

It's not the worst thing that could happen but its nonetheless unsettling for my little family. Another move, another house.

This morning when I felt crappy and angry at the world, I pulled on my trainers and headed out for a long walk in the sun. Louis fell asleep in the pram and Molly plodded along beside me, fulfilling her duty as a 'persons best friend.' Any like most of my walks do, this one led me to my favourite op shop. The one where they know my name and cut me deals and talk about their days. Just there waiting for me was a cute yellow necklace. Little hearts, all bright and cheery, reminding me that the sun will always shine and that my lovely, lovely family is far more important than all of these annoying spanners...

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


The summer holidays are over too soon. With weeks filled with visitors and trips away, the days have disappeared. Our list of things to do still has many lines uncrossed - already waiting for the next holiday. The big girl is in grade 1 this year. Someone heading towards two full steam ahead. When does it slow down?