Thursday, 17 November 2011

Travel with Children - tell me your stories

21 month old Minnie in Hong Kong - catching a few zzzz's

We all have stories about travelling with children; the good, the bad and those so ugly that they can never be repeated, ever until the end of time. We have heard many tips and tricks, some of which can backfire in amazing fashion (sedatives that don't sedate). But we all know that even with all the bad bits, travelling with children can actually be a whole lot of fun. Even though we had some real moments in Japan (I was seen throwing noodles as I had a major tantrum at the 5 year old) we look back, ignore that bit, and remember how fantastic it was.

The last story I wrote for Modern Handmade Child was all about planning flights and accommodation for a trip away. My story in the next edition (due out in the northern hemisphere spring) will focus on planning on packing, the itinerary and offer suggestions on the most important factor in travelling with children - how to keep them entertained. This is were you step in. Please leave your ideas, advice, what-not-to-do, and potentially melt-down saving advice here as a comment. We need you!
And while you are at it, please pop over the Modern Handmade Child facebook page (if you are into that kind of thing) and say hi. I am the faceless person behind the status updates these days and I would love to hear from so friendly peeps.

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Michelle said...

Snacks, lots of snacks. Thats my only advice.

But I did love the story, and I cant remember where I read it, about the mum who took a pack of jelly snakes on a long car trip. The children in the back seat were told they could have the snakes at the end of journey, but she would throw one out the window whenever they started arguing. I think she only had to throw one out the whole trip. Genius.