Thursday, 29 September 2011

sewing: dusting off the machine

It has only taken 5 and a bit months but the machine is out, dusted off and temporarily set up in the dinning/play room. I have been reluctant to get it out, given I no longer have a dedicated sewing room. In the move from Sydney to Melbourne we lost a few rooms along the way and we are still getting used to the different spaces we have. It always seemed like such an effort to get out the sewing things, set them up and then have to most likely put them away 2 minutes later when one of the children is waking or having a meltdown. But of course its not a hassle and I was being lazy. So we are doing a little school holiday sewing here. Minnie requested a skirt with an ice-cream on it. Today she chose the fabrics and we appliqued the design in place. And yes, it was a 'we' effort as Minnie controlled the foot peddle, with 'go, stop, slow down' directions from me. The skirt itself its made from light blue linen fabric and will have an elasticised waist. The fabric is already hemmed as its a piece of IKEA linen intended for a table runner. Easy peasy.

Yesterday, after many months of requests, we finally had the opportunity to make something out of Minnie's sewing book 'Made By Me' by Jane Bull. I got this book for Minnie last birthday and it is full of great little sewing/knitting/needle work projects for girls (most are suited for older girls who can wield a sharp needle on their own). We made the little pouches and once again, Minnie chose the fabrics and controlled the foot peddle. All is left to do is to thread through some ribbons for the draw cords and she will have 3 little pouches for pretty things and papers and pens.

I have a feeling the machine may be out for the time being. Softies to be made for the huge school fete coming up, some summer outfits for the little people and I have the beginings of idea for a dress... Stay tuned.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tokyo Two

We love to eat. We love to eat lots. Don't include Minnie in this - she likes to eat a few things and little amounts of them. You can however include Louis as he is happy to give anything a go. Going to Japan got us super excited about all that we could eat. Here is some of the food that we enjoyed eating and looking at.

The empty plate was what was left of the most delicious Yakatori. Yakatori bars are fantastic and the skewers of chicken, chicken skin and chicken offal are easily one of my favourite things to eat. You will see Minnie and Louis above, chowing down on some yakatori in their prams. Japanese restaurants are very child friendly, with an abundance of high chairs and great kid friendly meals, like the one pictured above. It contained some Japanese potato salad (a chunky mashed style salad), some rice, a tempura prawn, some greens, a soft beef 'pattie' in gravy and a juice drink. It also included a jelly and fruit. Louis, in particular, loved these meals with all the bits he could sample.

We all loved the drink vending machines. It doesn't matter where you are, there are vending machines. Minnie would constantly be asking 'anyone need a drink from the vending machine?' We did use them, a lot. I got a bit hooked on the sweet, milky coffee in a can and on the super hot days, we all enjoyed a cold 'Pocari Sweat' (don't you love a drink with 'sweat' in its name - so enticing?)

We ate lots of great sushi and Tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) and miso soups. We ate lots of ramen and soba noodles and great snacks from Muji like pea chips (love that store). We sadly didn't take nearly enough photos.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


We have been away on holidays and now we are back, a little tired and in some ways, sad to be home. We went away to one of the most vibrant, alluring, enthralling and instantly 'fall-in-love-with' cities in the world. Tokyo. What a place.

There will be lots more for you to see but here is the beginning.