Sunday, 19 June 2011

thinking about making stuff

Since the move to Melbourne 2 months ago my sewing machine has remained under its cover, hiding away. I think she is starting to feel unloved and not needed. Poor thing. I have gotten close to pulling her out of the shelves and removing her cover, unveiling her. But I can't remember where I have put the woollen suiting I am thinking about and I don't know which box holds the patterns for jackets and coats. So she stays put, waiting for a day when I can muster the strength to go through those boxes piled on top of our wardrobes.

So until then, perhaps I can start with a needle and thread? I know where they are and that is a very good start.

'Happy Gloves' by Miyako Kanamori is adorable book I recently purchased at a big book sale. Miyako Kanamori is a Japanese crafter and author of several very cute crafting books. In this book, all Kanamori's creations are made from gloves, which I think it makes a lovely change from socks. We love the little friend on the cover and the blue elephant. This week I am going to scour the op shops for gloves and see who will be coming to live with us first - perhaps the little red car?

What do you think?