Tuesday, 17 May 2011

good morning, balloons

Some mornings this is what we see from the back of the new house. Silently floating across the morning sky. Making us smile.

Good morning, Melbourne - I hope you have a lovely day.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Our baby turned one on Sunday. One whole year of being here, with us. Of course it seems like he has always been here, making us smile. He loves to dance and sing and brings us the remotes to turn the stereo on. He stands in front of the speakers waiting to hear the tunes and starts bopping to the beat. If we talk about dancing, he will dance. He is loves to play chase up the long hall here at the new house. He loves to 'read' and to draw and to throw his food all over the house. His face lights up when he sees Minnie and he seeks her out to give her a hug. He says 'hello' and 'bye' and 'Mama' and growls at the dog. He wakes every one or two hours and has no idea how to put himself to sleep. His still drinks a few pints of my milk a day. But all his sleeplessness, his food throwing and his wild temper are forgotten when I look into those brown eyes and that smiling face. Louis, you are a delight. Our very special heartwarming and heart mending delight.

Louis has been walking now since just after he turned 10 months so he got new big boy shoes for his birthday. Our tiny, dainty little boy looks way to small to be walking, let alone the fast paced 'running' that he has perfected. And he got a trike, a shiny red Radio Flyer trike (that he is way to small for). To celebrate his birthday (and a very special mothers day) we took a trip to the Werribee Open Plains Zoo to look at the big animals and to unearth some fossils. And there was cake. And more cake to come at the party later this week. I think it is proper that a first birthday celebration should perhaps last at least a week or two?