Saturday, 23 April 2011

good bye Blue House

The last few months have been crazy. Truly freakin' crazy. We got the house ready for sale, difficult as it was with Steve only home on weekends, but we did it. We listed it on the market and it sold within a few days. It was sad. Sad to say good bye to our Blue House. An exhausting end.

So much has happened in this 3 months. Louis started walking just after he turned 10 months. Stella fell in love with school and had to say good bye. And we packed up our house, said some big teary good byes to our sweetest friends and moved.


I am in love with Melbourne. In love with our part of this big city and sad for the house and, importantly, the people we left behind.

Oh life, you like make it tricky!

(Just a few shots of the blue house from the 'For Sale' listing - kitchen, house, Minnie's room, playroom, back deck)