Saturday, 29 January 2011

the purge

The purge has started. It should have started weeks ago but a non day (and night) sleeping baby means I am a little behind in 'Operation Get this House sorted so we can sell It.'

I need to offload a whole lotta stuff and hopefully this is where some of you may be able to help. I need to find a home for our piano (sniff, sniff), some furniture, lots of fabric and a TV. There will be more as this is just the beginning. So if you live on the Central Coast (NSW) or in Sydney and you would like a piano, for example, just flick me an email. Everything is for pick up only. Most of the fabric is collected from op shops and around the traps and may be of use to someone, who like me, loves fabric.

We will be moving to a much smaller house in Melbourne and I just need to simplify and streamline what we have. I am looking forward to it as I am feeling weighed down by it all at the moment.

And did I say it's all free. Yep, a free piano.

Oh, and if you are looking for a house, I have one of those too. But of course, not for free...

*completely unrelated photo of a young Minnie. I still can't believe she starts school in a few days


Kate said...

Good luck with the offloading! It can be quite good for the soul sometimes to lighten the load.

Hope's Mama said...

Oh free piano!! I'd love it, except, but, you know, I don't live so close to you.
BUT I WILL SOON!!!!!!!!!!
Angus + Minnie + Louis + mummies with cake and tea = fun times!

Jo said...

Just gave away our piano too. Isn't purging the best feeling?? Like a drug. Hope the move goes well. Melbourne will be awesome!!

tea with lucy said...

"stuff" really does weigh us down doesn't it.

I purged like a mad woman with our last move. and it felt so good.


JasperBoy said...

I saw the pic and thought, gee Louis looks like Minnie.........uh, that'd be because it is Minnie!

Anyhoo, saw your fabric offer and thought of hazyjane (Emma just did a fab custom order for me), but great minds think alike as I see you've already visited over that way :)

xx Jen in Melbourne

emma said...

So sorry you're leaving us Rach, but I'm sure you'll have lots of crafty fun in Melbourne! I'd love to check out what you're offloading, let me know what would work best for you to catch up, maybe this week?.

Ya Chun said...

i want a free house in australia!

jodi said...

Hi Rach,

Let me know if there is any baby things you don't want to cart to Melbourne. Or anything, for that matter, that you think I might like x

Amy Prior said...

Yes! I feel emotionally lighter when I get rid of some stuff and I never remember or miss any of Mum PAID someone to take her old piano away.... its a bit sad those beautiful instruments... but hell it felt good when it went too!