Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Louis at 10 days old - double digits already... I have so much to write about his birth and the past 10 days but all I can muster is a sentance or two. Some feeding problems are starting to settle down, which is great news for my nipples. Sleeping, well sleeping comes easy in our arms and snuggled next to me at night. For now that is fine. Who would want to be anywhere else?

And a heartfelt thank you for your comments and warm wishes.

Friday, 14 May 2010

baby: and the waiting is over...

Rachael and Steve are overjoyed to announce the arrival of

Louis Franz Ashman Fritsche
A gorgeous baby brother for Minnie and Alice(dec)
Born Saturday 8th May at 2.10pm
Natural birth, very fast second stage...

Perfect in every way.

More details and photos in the days to come.

(Sorry about the photo quality - I haven't downloaded the photos yet. This an iphone shot taken the day after Louis' birth)

Friday, 7 May 2010

baby: waiting

Waiting - it's almost too much for all of us...

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

baby: nursery

The title is a little misleading as we don't actually have a nursery. We never used one with Minnie as she slept in our room (mostly in our bed) for about 2 years. We, personally, cannot imagine coming home from hospital and putting our tiny, newborn baby in another room in the house. For us, we all sleep better in the one room. The baby is close for feeding and changing and the incessant checking on. Steve says he probably gets more sleep with the baby in our room as I am not jumping up and in and out every five minutes.

So the 'nursery' is at the end of our bedroom. The baby will sleep in Minnie's bassinet and then her cot. And I am sure some times in our bed... I can easily move the bassinet next to my side of the bed as we are lucky enough to have a large bedroom.

There is a little place for changing the baby on our set of drawers. I covered a plain white foam change mat using some Heather Bailey fabric that I got for a song. I also over locked a large pile of stretch cotton squares, re purposed from old tee-shirts - these will be great as wipes and cloths for dribble etc.

I added a little art work on the wall above the change area. It was very simple to do and I am sure I have borrowed the idea from someone... I painted, in black, animal silhouettes on small pages from an old book that was falling apart (it is a lovely book on the lives of the great composers and admittedly it made me a little sad to remove these pages). And on two sheets I fused silhouettes in the same fabric that I used to cover the change mat. It doesn't look out of place in a grown ups bedroom and given I do not like cutesy, cutesy nursery decor, I think it looks great.

I also made a new nappy pouch and change mat for when we are out and about. Wilbur, from 'Charlotte's Web' is making another appearance. Minnie is a bit concerned that Charlotte is missing so I think I need to pop back into the sewing room.

So everything is ready. We are just waiting for one more 'guest' to arrive...

Monday, 3 May 2010

baby: 40 weeks

The waiting is almost too much. Having no control over when this baby will arrive is hard - letting go and 'going with the flow' is not easy for me. I can be impatient. I am being impatient.

I need a sign that it will be soon. I know that it will have to be sometime in the next 2 or so weeks. But 2 weeks is a long time when you are overdue and overwrought. 2 weeks is a long time in a pregnancy, in politics and when waiting for a lover to come home. 2 weeks can be a long, long time.

I know that when the baby finally arrives, none of this will matter.