Thursday, 1 April 2010

Little Mother and Mothering...

She makes it look so easy, heading out for the day with a newborn. Perhaps if I had pink boots like those and a bag on wheels, the first few weeks out and about with our new baby will be a breeze.

And that is a toy newborn, not a real one... Ours is still on the inside, running of space and letting me know about it! 4 and a bit weeks now. Or less or more. Or something like that. Scary when I see it written down.

Every so often I am overcome by a feeling of sadness or loss at the end of the days when it's just Minnie and I (and Steve, when he's not working or travelling). Of course we want this baby more than anything and after loosing Alice, I was desperate for the opportunity to mother another child. But separate to that is that feeling of the end of something, the end of the days when it's just us; 'the two girls'.

I know that soon, in 4 and a bit weeks, I will not be able to imagine a life without that other tiny little person. When the days will be spent as 'the two girls and the baby' while we wait for Steve to come home.

Even with the journey we have had, we are so fortunate. So many people will never get to sit where I am. I wish with all my heart that my friends were sitting here too.


Hope's Mama said...

Rach, I absolutely can't wait til this little one arrives.

Kate said...

I think that so many of life's big mile stones are tinged with a touch of sadness. Well maybe not the childhood ones when you are in such a hurry, but deffinitely the parent ones. Enjoy this time together. The next stage will be amazing. Watching the relationships develop between siblings and having another member of your family will be pretty fabulous.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend. X

sean the prawn said...

Enjoy your time together before baby arrives... You two girls will have even more special times together as you both fuss over the new little one.... So happy for you guys!!

Barbara said...

Aww bless.

Thinking of you Rach.


zoesquid said...

Hi Rach,
Im at home tonight with my two gorgeous girls...two is twice the fun. You'll love it

Elise said...

With a week or so to go, I am also savouring the moments with my two babies, knowing that very soon our family will have our third baby. I keep saying to myself this is the last time that I.... for example, go shopping with just Savvy and Blakie.

Enjoy this special time Rach. I am so excited to meet your precious new baby.

Moi said...

I so understand what you mean. In the days before the arrival of our second son, I would watch our eldest sleep and weep as we were such a little team together him and I. You're right, things will be forever different... get ready for another great love!

Wishing you all the very best over the coming weeks as you await your third precious child. Many of us will be remembering Alice as well as rejoicing in your new life :)

Jessica said...

No good and wonderful change comes without big uncertain feelings. Know that from across the ocean I'm sending you warmth and hugs. xoxo.