Monday, 29 March 2010

baby: 35 weeks

Oh not long now! How the weeks and, in particular, the weekends are disappearing. I have not had the chance to upload any photos of the growing bump today as I am still without my laptop. It's a long story...

So here is a photo of our new chair. It's very comfortable and once the baby is on the outside, I will look a lot more glamorous getting out of it. I was in the market for a new nursery/feeding chair as our old one is very uncomfortable, has no head support and creaks. So under the guise of finding a replacement chair, I found this. So easy to convince Steve that we really needed it - I just told him how I could imagine him sitting there, with his 'cans' on, listening to his favourite music. I really am terrible.

This lovely chair is not making it to the bedroom for night feeds as it is far to comfortable in the lounge room. Lucky for me, the lounge room is just down the hall from our bedroom. I can see some future battles over who gets to sit in it. But I know that a breastfeeding mother will always win out and given I fed Minnie for 2 1/2 years, I have a lot of very comfortable nights ahead. (The chair is a Fred Lowen designed Tessa 'T8).

There is still a lot on the 'BB' (before baby) list that needs ticking off. We still need an enormous hole knocked in a wall and some lovely french doors put in (I have the doors, just need the hole). We still need to paint and sand and do some more rearranging. When I say 'need', it's not essential but I think I will feel more relaxed and more ready when these few renovations are done. And if its not all finished, well like Steve says all the baby really needs is 'our love and some nappies.' And I guess he's right.

(Photos courtesy of retro_luxe eBay store - I highly recommend this store)

Sunday, 21 March 2010

baby: 34 weeks

I am still here, with my growing tummy and my (some times) very large feet that now resemble some kind of marrow or squash. We have been away to Tasmania and back and have been busy getting some things ticked off the long list. Things moved and sorted and tidied and more plans made. And the weekends 'when were where 3' are fast disappearing...

The photos here were taken while in Tasmania, where we enjoyed cool nights and mornings and warm sunny afternoons. It was such welcome relief from the humidity of Sydney. I was lucky enough to borrow my fathers lovely camera, and although I didn't do much with it, it was so nice to use.

We picked apples from the old orchard and blackberries warm from the sun. We walked around the rivers, played with little cousins and friends and enjoyed being back in the country. My parents live in a wonderful house that was built in 1828 and it has been theirs for 45 years. I still love it and although have my own house and my own growing family, I still cannot help but think of this rambling old house as 'home'.