Friday, 12 February 2010

Technical hitch, giveaway winner and more help needed...

(a random unrealated Minnie photo found on my husbands laptop...)

Apologies for the delay here in announcing the winner of my little giveaway but there have been some technical difficulties here at the Blue House, most significantly the demise of my laptop. I have been relying on my iPhone to stay connected to the world, and although the other Steve may disagree, this little marvel does have it's limitations. I am writing this on the phone but it's taken me a while to work out that you need to be in HTML edit mode. Enough of the boring service announcements...

The name suggestions have been outstanding! Some of your responses have so closely mirrored our own list - you know me so well! And there have been some wonderful new additions - who doesn't love Willa and Pepper and Ned? My husband is still finding this tough - he seemed to go little pale last night when, for the tenth time, I read out every comment we received. Still, we do about 9/10 weeks and then another 60 days after the baby is born before we legally need to name him or her.

Choosing a winner is tough with so many excellent name suggestions. So I didn't choose. My husband, who is struggling with his name choice commitment, chose Kylie's entry.

'I love the baby name game! Here are some of my favourite suggestions: Lucia, Sofia, Poppy and Harriet, Hugo, Oscar, Gabriel and Louie. For our baby, due in less than 2 weeks, we have chosen Lila Francis and Solomon Travis. You're more than welcome to share any of those.

As you can see she so kindly offered up her own baby name choice for her arrival, that by now should be here any day. I don't think there is anything more kind than that! Kylie, please email me when you read this and I will make sure that your little capelet is on its way to you soon!

Of course we still have not actually chosen a name but at least we have a lot more to add to the list. And please, keep the name suggestions coming - there will more another giveaway just before the baby is born! Desperate times people, desperate times!

PS - I have stolen a moment on my husbands laptop to finish this - mine is still out of it. I am now faced with the possibility of replacing my laptop and need more advice - iMac or PC? HELP


Starry said...


If you're on a budget I would stick with a PC. Any problems are less expensive to get fixed. You can even fix them yourself with limited knowledge!

Macs are good until you have a problem (got both). So if you're willing to pay a lil' more on upkeep go for it, you won't regret it.

As for names, I like Mia-Amy, Mya, Sophia, Saran and Alicia for girls and Nicholas, Ben, Jack, Thomas and Xavier for boys.

Sadly I won't get to use most of those girls names as my OH is most unadventurous! Not that we have anyone to name coming soon lol but a girl can dream!

Good luck!

Jo said...

We asked the midwife if the hospital had a name book while I was actually in labour!! She couldn't believe that we still hadn't picked a girls name, lucky we had a boy!!

D said...

Came here from Loz and Dinny. My recco is MAC, all the way.

We have baby coming too. I read that you lost Alice. Almost too hard to read. I hope you are well and that your next birth is a healing one.


Michelle said...

I switched to Mac about 5 years ago. We have a MacBook and I love it. I really do.