Monday, 25 January 2010

baby stuff: in need of some advice...

The weeks are ticking by here and I am now 26 weeks. Time is moving slowly and quickly all at the same time - I think that strange experience with time only happens when you are pregnant. I have started a little sewing for the baby (some of which I will post this week) and have turned my mind to preparing for the practicalities of the arrival of our baby. And I am after some advice;

1. Can anyone recommend a brand/type of all in one washable nappies? (Sorry, I am not up with all the lingo here - I think its an AIO?) With Minnie I only used disposables, I would like some washables as well. I cannot deal with the old fashioned square cloth that you fold in some origami way and I know there are many snazzy and functional nappies out there.

2. I know there are a million slings on the market but would love your feedback on what's good and possibly, what's not. With Minnie I used and loved the Baby Bjorn Active but want a sling for when the baby is tiny and so they can spend longer in it. Minnie almost lived in that carrier or in a sarong tied up like a sling so I think this time a dedicated sling is in order. I wore that baby all day and I am sure I will be doing the same again! Or if you have made one from a good pattern, can you please let me know which one.

3. Does anyone have a good supplier of organic cotton jersey/stretch fabric (around 200gsm) and organic cotton flannel. I have been making baby pants and tops and cannot bring myself to buy the rubbish jersey fabric from the big shyster type stores in my area.

It's like consulting the oracle - I thank you in advance!


tea with lucy said...

I could preach about cloth nappies all day long! I say go the bumGenius one size fits all. They last from newborn through to toilet training. Mine are still going strong ready for round two. More pricey than some of the others, but worth it I think. These guys are where it's at...
Email me if you want more info.

sophie said...

My sister uses tots bots nappies and loves them, she thinks the bamboo ones are the best. We both used the hugabub sling/wrap and found it excellent and so comfortable.

I love your belly shot, gorgeous!

Lisa said...

Gorgeous belly shot!

We used Baby Beehinds for our girl when she was little they were great.

Kate said...

I fold my own, so not much help there, but I do love tot bots covers. I am a big fan of Storchenwiege wraps. So comfy and I used it from the when Evie was born and was still wearing her til sh was about 14/15 months. If she was placid I would have worn her a lot longer. There are lots of ways to tie it - I think there are examples on their web site.

Hope's Mama said...

Oh my, I could talk nappies all day. Please, email me.
I have many, many different brands and we are now starting to work out our favourites and not so favourites!
I buy mainly at and a few other places.
We have bum genius, green kids, baby beehinds, happy heinys, baby kanga, rumparooz, tot bots, cushie tushies, fluffy bubs, hautes (but we hate these), pea pods and a few others.
We mostly buy pocket nappies but we have some all in ones. We also only buy the one size fits most as this way we can use them from birth to toddler. I find now that we have used them a few weeks and we know which ones we like, we are going to go back and buy more of those types. I think we prefer the velcro to the snap fastening, too.
Seriously, email me!! I am a little nappy obsessed!


Fiona said...

Re baby carriers. I would highly recommend the Ergo which we have used for all our three children. You can put bub on the front when they are small and when they grow larger on the side and also on the back. They are brilliant and a great way to hang out together! You can get them here or google it. I also loved the hug-a-bub which is a wraparound style of sling. Once you get the hang of the wrapping it is absolutely brilliant and very comfy. xo

Madeline said...

Hi there, we use tots bots nappies but they are not all in ones. They need a separate cover - we use motherease rikki ones. You don't have to wash the covers every time you change a nappy. They can go a couple of days or so unless they get poopy.
For slings we used a hotsling, a hug-a-bub and then from three months ish a connecta carrier. I'd recommend all of them. Good luck!

tiff(threeringcircus) said...

Rach, I have heaps of links. Ivy and Noah lived in them.
I was going to suggest nurture nappies, which is where I started.Someone has already given you the link but go there. The girls there are really helpful. I loved my cloth nappies but I gave them all away.

The carrier: I used a hug a bub for the twins up until they were 18 months old and then changed to the ERGO which was superb and we used those until they were almost three.

Amber said...

Oh Julie has a hugabub to hand on and says it is the best thing ever, we are using slingy at the moment and very happy.
Got lots for you to borrow if a girl and think i know someone who can help you out if little one is a boy...hehehe
You look beautiful rach, happy days in all your bump beauty...xxxxxxxxxxxxx

spectacularfairywren said...

Hi Rachael - CONGRATS - haven't looked you up in a while and THERE you are - you are beautiful.

For nappies - want some - email me they are yours.
We loved Bubblebubs for easyness AIO or velour Bamboo Itti Bitty Boos for 'fitted'.
We still use ERGO and used HUGABUB when monster was little see here.

by marie-nicole said...

Not sure what Ergo or Hugabub are like, but I made my own sling based on the pattern of the 'Peanut Shell' and found that to be fantastic... easy to fold up and carry in your bag with out taking up too much room. You can use it from newborn to over 2 years old... if you can convince your 2 yr old to stop running long enough to get them in.

It's really comfortable. And because I was dropping my oldest off at school everyday from when my second was 4 weeks old I found it a lot more convenient than pulling out a stroller each time.

All the best with your decisions.

Nikki said...

Considered sewing your own? now has a base in Australia... and also check them out for organic fabric. I know I've bought organic jersey from there before.

The Nappy Network has patterns available for sewing - - or if you want to get specific, I've heard brilliant things about the Button Boo pattern.

Ummmm... otherwise, check out Itti Bitti nappies. So seriously cute and Aussie based. Bit more pricey than others but have heard brilliant things about trimness, ease of use, and totally cute prints.

Best of luck! xo

Kate said...

I can second the Pea Pod nappies; chatting to a friend about them today and she swears by them. No leakages at all.

Megan.K. said...

Baby Beehinds woollen nappy covers - wool is the best as a cover!
Nappies - I sewed up some pre-folds based on a pattern in the soulemama homemade home book - less folding, working well so far. I also still fold up squares too- prefer flannel, bamboo is good/absorbant too I have heard.

Tried some AIOs with Melody, didn't dig them - the inserts took too long to dry after washing for my liking.

Slings I have Maddi in a Maya wrap, basically a ring-sling, and today had her in a hug-a-bub because it was (finally) a bit cooler up here. Swear by the maya wrap - so easy to put on and adjust and the fabric is breathable - great for a summer baby. Maya wraps avail form hug-a-bub shop.

I think someone else also mentioned an Ergo - most of my friends use this type and LOVE them. I'll be getting one for Maddi too - much better on the back for a heavier babe- but I don't like them for a newborn, the head support doesn't seem as good as the wrap-style slings.

OOOhhh - How exciting for you!!


Donna said...

In the way of a baby carrier, I used the hug-a-bub. So snug for bub and muma. Once my little one got too big I used the Ergo and still use it now (she is 2 years).
Good luck and enjoy.

jodi said...

wow - some good info here Rach.
I'm thinking about trying aio nappies next time too - I'm just so sick of buying disposables and the children I know that have worn cloth have toilet trained much earlier (and easier). Also...better for the environment. I cringe when I think of the damage we've done with nappies.

Re. slings. Oh, I adore them. Che was in a sling from birth till 19months - almost every day. I think it really helps a child's development too because they are at face level with everyone else - they talk and communicate with you as you walk. It just seems like such a beautiful way to carry a baby. I've done a lot of reading and from what I've found, the baby bjorn isn't the best for baby's spine. I used an aka pipik sling (love) and a ring sling I borrowed. Next time I'll get a bug-a-bub and sakura bloom ring sling. Slight sling fetish here!

Also, in case you're interested, I just love Nature Baby's organic cotton baby pants and tops. Their website is gorgeous -'ll love it.

I'll send the shirt this busy at the moment.

Take care x

Selina said...

congrats! your belly looks beautiful

Loz and Dinny said...

Rach - is having a 20% off sale at the moment and stocks organic stretch - lots of yummy colours too x