Wednesday, 18 November 2009

the big trip north (2)

This had been the long awaited break. The break that my little family really needed. Sometime away, just the three of us, without a mad dog or a demanding cat. Its been a busy time here with Steve off abroad on a regular basis so some sun and sand was appealing for all. We set off early Sunday morning planning to drive to Coffs Harbour for the night, before continuing on to the Sunshine Coast in QLD. As we have started off early, we hadn't read the papers or been able to listen to the news due to the Minnie Mix-Tape (CD) in the car. So like all the techo-hipsters, I got out the iPhone and read the ABC news on-line. The headline read something like;

'Coffs region declared natural disaster zone'

I can't remember the last time we laughed so much. Not at the floods and the people isolated and stranded, but at us. Our first little holiday in what seamed like years and we were heading into a flooded natural disaster zone.

Travel Tip 1: Arm yourself with an iPhone or similar 3G device. You may need to know what you are heading into.

And it rained. It rained all the way to Coffs and beyond. Given that there was no chance of a sunny afternoon on the beach, we drove on to Grafton for our first night. We finally found a motel that was neat and clean the staff were friendly after a bit more time on the iPhone.

Tip for those in the Tourism business: When a potential guest asks to see one of your motel rooms, don't look like they have asked for one of your kidneys and don't speak to them like they are children. If you do, they will go to the next motel and spend their money there.

Travel Tip 2: Lovely old country pubs do not open for dinner on a Sunday evening in Grafton. Not a single one. But the noodle shop does.

On this trip we were constantly impressed by how well Minnie travelled, sometimes for long stretches in the car. After thinking it would have been the road trip from hell, we are now planning a journey to Far North Queensland...

More later on the rest of this little holiday.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

the big trip north (1)

We arrived back today from 8 days away from the Blue House. 8 days and about 2,500km's of driving. We headed to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland for a week of sun and sea. Not quite as much sun and sea as we would have hoped. But more on the weather and natural disaster areas after I have finished unpacking...

Thursday, 5 November 2009


that we had some of these in the garden! Henny Penny recently visited Minnie's preschool and flapped around, sitting on the children's laps and having a lovely time. We would love to have hens here at the Blue House but I think the mad Golden Retriever/cute little Hen mix is not a good one. I think any additions to this family need to wait until the dog has calmed down (please, let this happen) and until we have built a super hen house.
My parents have always had chickens so we grew up with hen friends, bright yellow yolks and lots of egg based puddings - I still love a good baked custard. And baked rice pudding, Pavlovas and creme caramel... And french toast, quiche and home made ice-cream (I think our home made vanilla ice-cream is almost the best thing in the world).

Hats off to those hens that make this endless indulgence possible. What would we do without you?