Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Molly - big, yellow fluffy trouble

Molly, photo byMinnie

Oh boy. That dog. That great big fluffy yellow cyclone. She is mad, stark raving mad. If you ever call at the blue house, on the phone or in person, you will hear the following;

'What has she got NOW?'

You see Molly is a handful. 24kgs of trouble. Oh, yes she looks all sweet with those big brown sad eyes and that cute face. But, in her veins pumps 100% naughtiness. Her trouble is that is she takes things. Mostly she just takes them out to the yard to her 'nest' - the spot near the clothesline that is littered with the remains of her hourly offerings to the 'dog gods'.
Molly takes the cloths from the sink, the mail from the table, the hairbrushes, toothbrushes and plugs. She takes our underpants, our socks, her blankets, our blankets, our clothes and of course our shoes. She takes the remote controls and DVDS and books and adds them to her nest. She eats the paper items and chews the rest.

Everyday she steals things. Recently I left her in while we popped out to the shops. I accidentally left the hall doors open so instead of only being in the kitchen and back hall, she had the run of the entire house. When I came home, it looked like there had been a burglary. She had taken my little bag of bits that I move between different handbags and this is what she ate;

1 pkt Buttermenthols - eaten

1 tin of extra strong mints - eaten

5 tampons - chewed up

2 pads - chewed up

2 permanent markers - destroyed

1 hair slide, eaten

2 hair clips, destroyed

And one balloon pump, destroyed, a pile of Minnie's art work, a toothbrush, one tube of toothpaste and a packet of biscuits. Last week, she ate Minnie's bike helmet, 2 bags and my hand written recipe book.

And she brings us things - whenever we come home or wake up or enter a room she brings us something really special to show us how much she love us. Its usually soggy paper or knickers or a tea towel or a shoe. We pat her head and tell her 'good girl' and she looks all clever and happy with her self. Molly even takes things to the cat every time she sees her - the cat thinks the dog is mental. Then Molly goes and does something really 'cute' like eat my glasses (oh, yes - my actual glasses, the ones I have for seeing).

You know what? Even when I am often heard saying 'That bloody dog,' we do all love her.


Michelle said...

Wow! Molly sure has grown up fast. What an adorable handful. Sounds like you need a visit from one of those TV vets!


Jo said...

Oh wow!! What 'busy' puppy. She is adorable, I can see why all is forgiven.
Nice to see you back blogging, I have missed your posts and photos.

♥na said...

My heart just melted :)
This seriously is the sweetest post about a dog I have ever read. I loved it so much because it reminded me of my childhood dog who would do the same thing.
Just so, so sweet. Beautiful dog. Beautiful story :)

sophie said...

oh man! That is naughty! I actually know a lot of dogs with interesting appetites! How you be cranky with that sweet little face - it's adoreable.

Kate said...

Trouble, but so much fun! My sister just told me Evie is like our old labrador - gets very excited about food and eats everything in sight.

Loz and Dinny said...

cute naughty dog! good to see you back, lovely xx

Poppy and Mei said...

Oh! She is NAUGHTY!
Silly, floppy, puppy lurrrrve...XXxx.

Barbara said...

Thank you for making me smile Rach!

(apart from the tampon/pad reference, need to get rid of those for a while by a different method...)


Anonymous said...

I know I shouldn't laugh, but.... What a witty woman you are! And what a naughty dog she is. Silly Molly.x
G x