Tuesday, 15 September 2009

the clocks didn't stop...

This past year has been a difficult time for us all in the Blue House. That's the simple truth. It may not always look like that here.

Last week was the anniversary of the birth and death of our sweet, precious daughter Alice Buttons. In this surreal year, the year in which the clocks didn't stop, time has rolled on. The rawness of the loss is now fading but, the underlying pain and sadness will always be there, somewhere not too far under the surface.

Some people, some wonderful people remembered Alice's birthday. Cards and flowers, emails and the most wonderful gifts. And the most touching thing was that some of these were from people who I have never met in the 'real world.' They were from the sweet people that I meet through blogging, people that I now call friends. Friends that I will have for many, many years to come.

Monday, 7 September 2009


I am back. The flu's and colds seem to be easing and hopefully will not be back this way for a decade or two.

Something new for the shop. A little late for our cooler months but, still sweet on a chilly spring morning.