Monday, 17 August 2009

thursday - treasures

A couple of treasures from the Blue House. Some treasures other than the most important two treasures in my world...
The two gentlemen (L&H) below belonged to my grandparents, Joan and Basil. When they died, we were all allowed to choose something from their estate. This was my choice. Entirely a sentimental choice.

When I lived in London, I missed those guys as they had stayed safely behind in Australia. So to make myself feel a little more at home, I bought the little men below from a wonderful antique and curios shop in the East End of London where I lived.

The shop was wonderful - you know the type, packed to the ceiling with the most random yet amazing collection of wares. Amongst the treasure I found an antique set of luggage - 5 or so hard cases in a gorgeous faded yellow canvas with leather trim. From memory there was a hat box, cases in several sizes and a steamer trunk that stood upright and opened into a little wardrobe and dressing table. Oh how I loved it. I ummed and arred and thought about the cost to eventually ship it home. I went back an forth many times to the shop. Then I finally decided to buy it only to find that it had be snapped up by a set designer for a period film. Never, ever turn your back on a find like that.

Below are of some of my collection of lacquered boxes. I got my first one when I was about 8 and over the years have slowly added to the collection. When I lived overseas, my mum would buy one for my birthday's and Christmas' and when I returned she presented me with a parcel filled with lacquered boxes.

And some of my costume jewellery. I love how they sparkle and shine and I used to wear them often. Now there is a battle with a certain 3 year old over who gets to wear them. Given they have very large sharp pins on the back, they are staying out of circulation for a while.

Thank you for all your comments about our walls - very kind of you. And I tell you, they are so educational. I am really coming to grips with world weather patterns, rare stamps and the life and times of Ptolemy.

(And yes, I am many days behind but who could blog when the weather was so glorious here over the weekend).


CurlyPops said...

Such beautiful photos.
The brooch on the bottom left is really similar to one that I have (I posted the pic a couple of days ago).
I love vintage costume jewellery.

Amber said...

Oh loving the brooches and my nan would eye off your collection.
Cute photo at the the top, Minnie looks so

Jessica said...

I have a bunch of costume jewelry like that from my grandma---I love it so!

Loz and Dinny said...

I too have my nan's costume jewelry! and my Mum laquered box given to her for her 16th birthday - I always eye it off - but in the end I snapped one up at a garage sale - they are so beautiful ... Oh to have a beach like that one close by. PS Your interview on kidstylefile was just lovely!