Monday, 24 August 2009

friday - fabulous etsy finds

'Rima' by tushtush

I know its not Friday but, my little series about the Blue House was missing the last day. 'Friday - Flu' would have been a much better title as I have some evil lurgy thing. Perhaps not flu but, a very mean cold that has left me speechless. Not in that sexy, deep voiced way that some men find irresistible but, more in the all over the place squeaky screech that sounds like a teenage boy.

So some new Etsy finds today. And two of them are on their way to the Blue House as we speak - jetting across the world from far away places. The print above ('Rima') and the one below, 'Poland.' Sent from a very, very talented woman. I found Tali of tushtush when I was wandering through one blog, then another, then another. Tali is a student studying in her final year at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. I think you will agree, Tali has a big future in front of her. I know I will be back for more...

'Naomi' by tushtush


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I always end up with the sqeaky one too and I tell you the little ones love running the show when the general looses her voice. Hope you are feeling better - the eye candy is fab too