Tuesday, 2 June 2009


I have been trying to get a photo of Minnie in this gorgeous smock for weeks now. Sorry, she was not compliant again today. So here it is, removed from her little body.

At the Matilda's Market earlier this year I considered some rough play in order to get my hands on one of these adorable linen smocks made by Sophie of 'Barefoot Babies' (and of 'Her Heart, My Hands' blog). Sophie took pity on me and offered to make Minnie one and suggested a swap as she had her eye on one of my skirts. So I happily agreed and made her little Lucia a skirt with a little girl.

The best bit was that Sophie and her beautiful daughter Siena dropped into our place for a cup of tea. They politely ignored the mess - what treasures they are! They are sweeter in 'real life,' if that's possible.

I love that through this blogging caper I have got to meet some really wonderful people that I know call friends. And I love that we get to swap our creations and have our little ones looking so fab in things handmade with love.


sophie said...

Rach, you are such a sweetie!! The pictures (and plug) are great, thank you!
When are we getting together again??

Amber said...

Oh rach that is brilliant. I love the smock and i love your skirts so much. I will check out more of her range.
The blogging community is so much fun to be involved with and i love all the extended friends too, very special.
Miss you...xxx

(hahaha the word verification is : nimphe...xxx...hahaha)

Jo said...

What a sweet tunic, and an equally sweet skirt, lucky girls both of you!!

Jessica said...

That skirt is so cute! I wish little one things were made in big people sizes, too!

Dick and Dora said...

Swaps are the best fun. Thank you for your offer for the pink ribbon day breakie - yes please! I'll email.

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

The smock is gorgeous, and so is your skirt. I went to 'Finders Keeper's' - wish I'd known you were going, maybe we should plan to meet for the Spring/Summer one?

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Oh, just realised you went to 'Matilda's'! I make no sense sometimes!

Poppy and Mei said...

Beeeeeautiful smock!
I do have to say "POOP" though 'cause I was gonna do one for Minnie too.
Oh well, you can never have too many eh? ;) XXxx