Friday, 26 June 2009


My husband's Nana died on Tuesday. She was Minnie's (little) Big Nana, my Shirley and Mummy to her daughters. She had been a wife.
She was a friend to everyone. She was a nurse and a teacher. She was a delight. She was wonderful company. She was funny and smart and nothing got past her. She loved candied ginger. She was not a big fan of chocolate.
She was sweet and genuine and entertaining. She hated cooking. She didn't drive. She had travelled the world. She was well read. She knitted a little. She loved tea. She loved good crime fiction and disliked romance novels. She loved the Impressionists and a good film.
She will be missed by everyone for ever.

Friday, 19 June 2009

This is Daisy

This is Daisy. (Not the other Daisy, who is the cat that likes sleeping).

Daisy was my great-great Aunt who lived next door to us, up in our old houses on the hill. We had a gate between our houses so we could go back and forth as we pleased. Aunt Daisy was the grandmother I always wanted. She was kind and gentle and had a big soft lap for sitting on. She always wore an apron and loved to cook. I would spend hours and hours with Aunt Daisy in her farmhouse kitchen, sitting at the old table. She would listen my endless ramblings and never seemed bored of the company.

Aunt Daisy taught me how to roast lamb and beef, how to prepare the vegetables and how to make gravy. On Sundays we would make a roast lunch for her family that would visit. Sometimes they wouldn't turn up - I am not sure if they ever called to tell her or that they just failed to show. So I would stay and we would have lunch together, at the table in the kitchen, warmed by the big old wood fueled oven. And as a special treat Aunt Daisy would make me a fruit cup cordial flavoured drink. Thinking about that flavour takes me back to the kitchen and to one of the loveliest people I have ever known. And if I smell fruit cup cordial or actually taste it and close my eyes, I am 8 again and I can smell the roast in the oven and see Aunt Daisy sitting in her chair.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

if only I could trade places...

I had wanted to post some shots of some new sewing I have done but this gloomy wet weather is playing havoc with my photography (that sounded really pretentious but a blurry dress or a over-flashed out applique is not that pretty).

So instead here are some photos of the luckiest member of this household. Oh, to spend 23 hours a day snuggled under those white sheets and most probably the warmest doona in the world.

And thank you for your sweet comments - I am feeling much better.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


I have a cold so I can't manage many words today. So in place of my usual ramblings, some photos of some new(ish) skirts. The brown floral skirt and matching bag were made by the Easter Bunny, who oddly uses the same grandy and baa labels that I do...
And a new skirt for 'school.'

Another skirt that the Easter Bunny left, featuring a self portrait.

This gorgeous skirt below was made my Mother. She is crazy good at sewing and quilting and knitting etc... And this little skirt for Minnie one first prize in the Midlands Agricultural Show this year. Every good skirt needs provenance...

Thursday, 4 June 2009


From a beautiful friend from the other side of the world. I blogged this elsewhere but wanted to share it here. Its just perfect. Something I will treasure for ever and always.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009


I have been trying to get a photo of Minnie in this gorgeous smock for weeks now. Sorry, she was not compliant again today. So here it is, removed from her little body.

At the Matilda's Market earlier this year I considered some rough play in order to get my hands on one of these adorable linen smocks made by Sophie of 'Barefoot Babies' (and of 'Her Heart, My Hands' blog). Sophie took pity on me and offered to make Minnie one and suggested a swap as she had her eye on one of my skirts. So I happily agreed and made her little Lucia a skirt with a little girl.

The best bit was that Sophie and her beautiful daughter Siena dropped into our place for a cup of tea. They politely ignored the mess - what treasures they are! They are sweeter in 'real life,' if that's possible.

I love that through this blogging caper I have got to meet some really wonderful people that I know call friends. And I love that we get to swap our creations and have our little ones looking so fab in things handmade with love.