Thursday, 28 May 2009

So I was up at 3.46am because...

Well it was nothing really exciting. Oh the mystery and the intrigue - it must have sounded all so interesting. Far less exciting is how we all really ended up in the middle of the night.

Wednesday AM - Minnie woke with a slight temperature. Cat needed to be taken to boarding. Cat ran off. Could not be found. Minnie needed to get ready for pre-school. Minnie not allowed to wear singlet and tiny shorts or a half finished summer dress. Dog chased cat away again. Dog trainer cancelled but talked on phone for 20 minutes while cat, dog and child were all going mad. Cat hiding. Me wandering the garden with a hand full of minced beef. Cat loured out. Cat caged. Dog hysterical at caged cat. Minnie sniffling. Cat, Minnie and me in car, all dressed appropriately. Dog left whining in the house. Drive to cat boarding. Leave cat. No crying. Drive to pre-school. Pay for pre-school. Minnie crying. Stopped crying for school photo. Minnie feels a bit warm. Mmm, a bit too warm? Temperature taken. Minnie taken home. No work for me today. Hot, crying child. All travelling tomorrow. By 9.28am, the cracks are starting to appear...

Wednesday PM - 8 hours of ABC1 and ABC2 later. Dog's bag packed for boarding. Present finished for Big Nana. Could not sneak off to do work or to do much packing as Minnie needed me sitting next to her for the TV marathon. Minnie feels hotter. Minnie now starts coughing like a wild animal. Rush off at 4.30pm to Dr's 40 minutes away (in traffic). Husband takes dog to boarding. Minnie wheezy. Awwww. Dr says she is OK. In my head I disagree with this diagnosis. (Minnie has never been sick with a cold before - they generally last 27 minutes and that's it). Back home at 6.00pm-ish. Throw together dinner. Quiet with no pets here. Minnie miserable. Goes of to sleep OK. Start packing. Not long after, Minnie wakes coughing and screaming. Taken to our bed where I sit up so she can sleep on my chest. Steve tries to pack in the dark in our room. Not going well as he throws things into the cases and I silently scream at him. Packing put on hold. Alarms set for 3.00am. Steve sleeps on futon in Minnie's room. I sit up all night, perhaps dozing for 30 minutes. We get up at 3.00pm to pack. We need to leave here at 5.00am. Yippie. What fun.

But the bestest, most brilliant, funest part is going to Adelaide for 5 days with a sick child. A child that remains sick for the entire holiday. A child that will not sleep on her own and for the first few nights needs to sleep sitting up on me.

Seriously, I do realise how lucky I am, with a generally healthy child. I take my hat off to people with sick children - their strength and patience amazes me. Like some of my friends who have very, very ill little people to care for. Please ignore my rant above.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

It really is 3.46am...

More on that later...

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments about my knitting! I am about ready for the 3rd ball of wool for the green scarf so you should soon see it finished.

Some more stitching of Minnie's drawing - a gift for a very special Big Nana.
Will be back next week to tell you why its 3.46am and I am wide awake and blogging.

Have a lovely weekend.

Friday, 15 May 2009


I promised my self that I would learn to knit. I have banged on about it now for so long that I really had to do something about it. And I have. My mother, who is good at absolutely everything crafty, was here for a little over a week and she has the most amazing patience. She teaches a craft group, which I think is easier then just teaching just one of me. But she has done well.

I am knitting my self a rather wide green woolen scarf (excuse the posey modelling). Its just all garter stitch. There are only a few small holes (Mum's gone home now you see...)

And I am knitting Minnie a scarf - she choose this colour. Its bamboo/cotton and it feels lovely. However, it splits really easily. I have used garter and then stocking stitch.
I have already discovered that bamboo needles are much better to knit with when compared to the old metal ones I have. And I have discovered that there is so many lovely yarns out there to use.

But the best discovery of all is that I really enjoy the almost hypnotic rhythm of knitting. It is amazingly relaxing. I have been spotted carrying my knitting around in the garden of an afternoon or doing a few quick rows while cooking dinner.
Molly has also discovered the joys of knitting...

Have a lovely weekend.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

on this day...

Wishing you all a very happy Mother's Day.

Especially thinking of all my new friends, my wonderful dear friends that I met after Alice died. The other baby lost mama's. The women I never wanted to meet. But now could not imagine getting through the days and the weeks without them.

And thinking of all our babies that are not here for us to see, to hold, to hear, to smell, and to watch grow.

Of course we will always be their mothers...

Thursday, 7 May 2009

my uniform...

It has been a bit quiet here at the Blue House in terms of craft and blogging as I am spending a lot of days (and nights) parenting alone. Husbands that travel overseas for work are a real pain. A right pain in the bum. But given the current economic climate, we are of course happy that he has a job to go to every day, even if it does take him all over the Asia Pacific area...

Before Steve leaves on a trip we always take a few family photos. Just something that we do and have done for a long time. Now that Minnie is really interested in the camera, she has started taking some photos of us. So this is us. Early on a Monday morning. Hair not done and no make-up (perhaps Steve is wearing a little colour on his cheeks?). In my PJ's (yes, the good old sheet-PJ's - so comfy).

Although this was taken in the morning, you can probably catch me in this outfit any time of the day. Morning, noon and night. Drop in for tea and I may well be in this get up, perhaps with a little lippy though.