Thursday, 26 March 2009

This is Hazel

Hazel was my Great, Great Aunt. She knitted wonderful socks, baked the most delicious biscuits and made the best cup of tea in the world. She made our tea in little china cups (and saucers) and always added a tiny bit of sugar.

This is of course Hazel as a wee girl. Wearing her best coat and tights and a little clip in her hair. Hazel was a little girl during WW1. Her big and most favourite brother died in that war. When they emptied his pockets to return his belongings home to his family, they found not a photo of a sweetheart or his parents but a photo of the little girl Hazel. There was no doubt she was his most favourite sister.

This little Hazel has found a new home now but some other special girls will be joining the shop soon. There will be Pearl, Daisy, Elsie, Ethel, Ruby and Joan. And like all the amazing women in my family, they all have a little story to tell...

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

those clever girls...

A little someone that followed us home from the market (by Snailblazer)

I visited my very first Mathilda's Market on Sunday. I was so excited as I knew I would get to meet a couple of my blogging friends who had stalls there. I felt a little like a stalker walking around looking for them. But I am so glad I did. I met Sophie, who is completely gorgeous and so friendly and best of all she didn't think I was a crazy stalker as I lurked at her stall waiting for a break in traffic. Sophie and her sisters run Barefoot Babies. Their stall was super busy. I really wanted one of the smocks shown here but the last one was being taken off the rack while I was standing there. For a moment I felt a little crazy and thought of performing a quick hip and shoulder, tackle to the ground to get a hold of it. Behaviour unbecoming of a lady? Yes, perhaps... Sophie took pity on me and we are going to do a little swapsee so that smock - it will be MINE (well Minnie's)!

I had to stalk a bit more as I really wanted to say hi to Mel of Skye Rocket Sews. She was looking so beautiful with her lovely round tummy (baby 3 due in June). She is just as bubbly and friendly in 'real life.' Her stall looked wonderful - loads of really bright colours and gorgeous skirts, tee-shirts, and softies. It was just so, so nice to met her.

Although I wanted to buy one of everything, I didn't. Could have easily gone into debt there and would have had to lobby K-Rudd for a stimulus package for those over-extending at a Mathilda's Market...

I came away inspired and think I will have a stall at the November market. Scary stuff. I had better get sewing. Now.

Friday, 20 March 2009

hello autumn, my old friend

I am getting over my end of summer blues. The weather has been perfect - cool mornings and warm days. The oppressive humidity has gone and left in its wake lovely sweat free sunny afternoons.

Clothesline tents and some music in the shade.

And a budding photographer let loose with the camera. Sadly no photos of Minnie in action as I am out of film for all those 'old fashioned' camera's we have. (ed: the two photos below are taken by Minnie - she took a series of things in the garden and they are great. I just wish I had taken photos of her taking photos...)

Have a lovely weekend where ever you are.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

the wuffler...

I promise that I will not dedicate every post to tales of Miss Molly the Dog. Well, I promise to try at least...

Molly is a wuffler. You know, that sweet little noise they make when they bury their heads into your lap or roll around when you rub their belly. The wuffler. We heart the wuffler.

She is settling in very well and only cries a little at night. So we sit with her. She has slept through the last 2 nights. Minnie was 2 before that happened. Perhaps we should have tried Minnie in the big snugly bed in the back hall with a couple of chew toys...

Miss Molly loves to chew her toys and pigs ears. Gross, I hear some of you say. And yes, they are a little revolting but she loves them and has not noticed our shoes because of her pigs ear obsession. She pounces and throws things and will sit for a treat. She comes when I call and ignores Steve he tries. She wags that tail madly when she see Minnie. I hear squeals of delight from the garden and shouts of 'chase me Molly, chase me...' Just perfect.

Yesterday I had to whip up a design for the shop in honour of Miss Molly the Wuffler. This is of course a grown up Miss Molly (her very grown up name is Elljoa Sweet Dalia). I think the applique on the back says it all. Miss Molly will no doubt walk all over us...

Saturday, 14 March 2009

a little update...

Thank you, thank you for your kindness last week.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend. We are. Molly arrived last night. We are in love. Big love.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


I don't write about Alice much on this blog. I do that elsewhere. Some of you know that already. Today is 6 months since she was born. And tomorrow is 6 months since she died. 6 long months. 6 short months. 6 months of grief and a sadness that I could have never imagined.

My life is a little odd - I seem to have 2 of them. One here in the happy world of sewing and puppies and crafting and Minnie and learning to knit. And the other life where I have friends with dead babies and we write and we talk and cry and scream and go about our day looking fine but, feeling like we want the earth to swallow us up.

I am not mad. Its just how it is.

While I sew and craft and take care of Minnie and struggle to cast on, I think of Alice and what we have lost and what could have been.

And I am sure I will do this everyday for the rest of my life.

Monday, 9 March 2009

good bye summer, my old friend...

I really don't like the end of summer. I get a bit grumpy and miserable about it actually. Its not just the end of the warm days but, its the end of the long days. I love having all that extra light in the evening for getting out the in the garden, for sipping G&T's on the veranda or for a sneaky trip to the beach after work.

When I get over this end of summer funk, I do actually love autumn and winter. I prefer the fashions for the cooler months - I am fond of being able to cover up some of the less than attractive parts of my body. I love coats and jackets and woollens. I love my winter doona and a mountain of pillows and a big family hug on a chilly morning. I love our 1000 count sheets that seem even better on a cool day.

I love a good, crisp apple and a juicy pear. I am after all, from the apple isle... I love soups and stews and wintery deserts with King Island cream. I have made Steve promise me that he will bake strudels and streusels and kugelhopf to keep me happy over the cooler days.

And now that its getting cooler, I am going to learn to knit. I can actually do the knitting bit and the casting off but for the life of me, I have no idea how to cast on. I tried to cast on while watching 'The Bill' on Saturday night. A disaster. I will get there, I know I will. Perhaps in time for summer...

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

tweaking the plan...

Sometimes plans need to be tweaked a little. A few changes have had to be made. Things will be a little different around here for a while.

When I started sewing and selling on Etsy (and recently Made It) I promised myself and my family that it would not interfere too much with our lives. Within reason. Lately though its interfered a little too much. I am not complaining about getting work and I hope I am not sounding completely full of myself in the 'oh god I am just so sought after way.' That's not what's happening, really.

I think I was a little over zealous in what I thought I could achieve in the one day (5 or 6 hours) that Minnie is away from me at pre-school. I am just getting a few too many orders and I have taken on a few new wholesale orders. More than can be done in that one precious day. Of course I always sewed on evenings and weekends but, lately the pressure has been on to do this every evening and full weekends. Feelings of guilt surfacing. Not a happy time.

In my excitement at having 5 hours without my Minnie in tow, I did not fully take into consideration the other things that need doing at home. Perhaps I hadn't realised that organising trades people can be a full time job in itself. Organising them to actually turn up is another story.

So I am still going to be in my studio sewing and creating but I will not be taking custom orders for the next few months. Please don't panic if you have an order in - it will of course be completed. I have decided to sew and update my shop weekly with what I have been working on. I will still make some tee-shirts in various sizes but will be adding some skirts and dresses and tops and dolls. I trialled this today. I listed a skirt and about 20 minutes later it sold.

I think grandy and baa will survive a little tweaking...