Monday, 2 February 2009

tales from the trip...2

So with (little) Big Nana home safely and some shopping under my belt, we set out to do a little exploring. We headed to the Barossa and saw some of the many grape vines that I am oh so familiar with. I am particularly familiar with the grape's from the vines once they have been, as if by magic, turned into such a delicious liquid. We didn't stop at any cellar doors this trip (better fun without a toddler) but made our way to Maggie Beer's; good old Maggie - Queen of Verjuice!

Maggie's farm is just north of Tanunda, nestled amongst the vineyards of the area. Its dry country and reminds me of where I grew up in Tasmania. The farm shop is down on the edge of the damn. It was a warm day and even the murky muddy coloured water looked inviting.
The farm shop is literally that - a shop and cafe that sells her products. Much like stopping at the many cellar doors in the area, people stop at 'Pheasant Farm' to sample the produce. We happily sampled the jams and sauces and chutney. Enough to get the mouth watering. We had lunch from the 'picnic menu'. For me, its the pate every time! Love it. I know its decadent but I love pate on toast for breakfast as a special treat. My husband had the delicious 'Pheasant and Porcini Terrine, Cabernet sauce, rocket and preserved lemon.' Minnie had a jam sandwich that I smuggled in.

In this book Maggie writes a lot about setting up pheasant farm, introducing the farm shop, the transition to the restaurant and then back to the farm shop. I do enjoy Maggie Beer products and her cook books - they are well worth a look if you are not familiar with her.

And yes, Maggie does love her verjuice. I am sure she sneaks it into everything.


Poppy and Mei said...

Goodness! We were just 'round the corner all along...kinda!
Next time DEFINATLY! XXxx

Amber said...

Oh Rach, You guys saw some great sights.
Look at that food. Now i must hear all about it in person..
When is our next date lovely???

Michelle said...

Sounds like a lovely trip. I went to the Farm shop a few years ago and remember every single bite. Delicious! When I grow up I want to be just like Maggie!

katiecrackernuts said...

Ooh, it's good. Pate is so inexpensive to make, but I can't resist those little pots. I visited the farm shop with friends from Adelaide this time last year and there was one that had aniseed in it. Delicious. My local grocer stocks the main one - also good. Oooh, craving the stuff now.