Tuesday, 27 January 2009

tales from the trip...1

We are back. Back to steamy, wet Sydney. We left hot, dry Adelaide. And you know, the heat is easier to handle when its not 800% humidity.
We had a wonderful time with (little) Big Nana. She was not feeling her best when we arrived but Minnie did her very best to brighten her up. In fact Minnie cheered up the entire ward at the hospital with her drawings, her dancing and her general sweetness. The ladies loved every minute of it. The healing properties of one little Minnie were enough to have (little) Big Nana home after a few days (the Dr's were amazed at the healing powers of a 3 year wearing a fairy dress - watch out in upcoming edition of The Lancet for more...) and we got to have her all to our selves.

While (little) Big Nana was putting her feet up in hospital, we visited the zoo. Minnie loved it of course. I always feel torn over the whole zoo thing - yes, its lovely to see the animals and wonderful that zoo's all over the world are doing great things with breeding programs but its sad to see a great lion in a small cage and not running down a gazelle on the plains...

Having said all that, I love giraffes and always feel happier for seeing them.

Minnie did the most extraordinary thing TWICE! She actually fell asleep in her pram! My goodness, this had not happened for about, mmm, a gazillion years. I got to go shopping (yippie - an Aesop store just happened to be right there when I was delirious with the joys of a sleeping child). And with my husband saying 'get whatever you like honey, you never get to buy yourself new clothes' I almost passed out!

The next day, again with a sleeping child in her stroller, I spent 1 1/2 hours walking slowly, calmly around the cool and quite Art Gallery.
Bliss, absolute bliss.


jodi said...

oh gosh i adore aesop too. Their handcream - best in the world.
shame we didn't get to see each other today...another time!

Poppy and Mei said...

See you soon...XXxx