Friday, 30 January 2009

how to...paint rocks

You may think I have rocks in my head - how hard can it be to paint rocks? Not very hard at all but I thought I would post some photos and ideas from our recent rock painting session.

Rocks - we used smooth river stones that you can get from Bunnings or any garden centre. We buy them to put on the top of our potted plants.
Paint - acrylic. We use Crayola washable poster paint as it really is washable
Paint brushes - selection of brushes from IKEA, Crayola, stenciling 'stubbie' brushes
Glue- if you intend to glue on small eyes
Permanent Marker - for some fine detail

And the rest is pretty simple; make sure your rocks are clean and dry. Paint away! We painted the body colour, let them dry and then painted the faces/heads etc. I used the permanent marker to add some details to some of the creatures.
Let them dry in the sun.

The good thing is that if you don't want to keep them you can wash all the paint off and then put them back in the pot plants.
Have fun!


cindy said...

Sometimes the less complicated the ideas the better I think. This is a great one.

Poppy and Mei said...

Ya see, I love doing this.
The kids never have though.
Silly huh?
Thanks so much for the reminder...XXxx

Jo said...

Minnie looks like she is concentrating very hard on her rocks.
Your verandah looks like the perfect place to do arts and crafts.

Amber said...

Oh Rach,

Great idea...i have not thought of making these in ages. I did them with J when he was little and have not again since...thanks lovely.
Hope you are well.
Have missed you and your shinning girl lots, so next week when we return we must catch