Tuesday, 6 January 2009

betty and things 'so random'...

Minnie in her 'gobbles'

So you may remember that I had a little giveaway in this post. I have finally got around to picking the winners using the 'psychic science' website (how completely bizarre...). Anyhoo the psychic scientists chose these numbers '7 12 '. That means the winners are Tiff and PottyMouthMama (who I know is down with the plastic needle caper). Please email me your details (if I don't already have them).

Its going to be stinking hot here today - I hear talk of 41'c in the west. Crazy talk. Fingers crossed its not that hot here. We have the lovely sea breeze that may hopefully cool things down.

And we are housebound today. There has been a long running drama with my car. The car that costs me a fortune at the mechanics and only goes when it feels like it. I have been using the good car and leaving my husband the contrary car. But Betty (my car) stopped last night and does not want to start again. This is happening more and more often. I still love her. She is green. She goes fast and corners oh so well. Its the car my husband had when we first started seeing each other. The car that I sat in so primly and properly as we drove to his old place in Terrigal for the first time... And our tiny little Minnie came home from hospital in that car.

But the time has come. She is going to be retired. And I am getting a new (well 2007 model) car that I hear starts easily and continues to go and doesn't die on the F3 or require me to call NRMA on a weekly basis (although I have now got to know most of the NRMA men, which is handy).

Its been fun Betty. But the time has come. All good things must come to an end...


Kate said...

Awww, poor Betty! But I'm sure you will love your new car just as much.

tiff said...

Yay! A new car!
Now we will HAVE to arrange some play dates.


Me? I won???


potty mouth mama said...

Woop woop! I've been braving the wool needles, scary stuff. I couldn't find the plastic ones anywhere. How exciting!!

Bad and sad news about your car. Never good. And always hard to say goodbye. I get a little sad thinking about our old car now and then!

Poppy and Mei said...

Awwwwwww, you're so brave, although, now that I think about it, A NEW CAR! WOOOOHOOO!! XXxx

Selina said...

Keep the memories dump the car! You have more strength than me putting up with a old car.