Monday, 10 November 2008

her nerves are shot...

Daisy is our fluffy, lovable companion animal (apparently its not PC to call them 'pets').

But Daisy has some issues. Daisy is neurotic. She suffers from recurrent episodes that can only be described as nervous brake downs. Or the vapors. Or a total skitz out.

We adopted Daisy from the RSPCA in 2005. She was about 1 or 2 years old and had been brought in as a injured stray. We have no idea of what her previous life was like but given no-one came looking for her, I imagine it was crappy. She was at the shelter for 5 months before we adopted her. Poor love.

Daisy is terribly flighty and a complete wreck at the moment. I think its a combination of the move, being outside sometimes (she was a full time inside cat at our last house) and just picking up on the stress and sadness in the house.

I wriggled my toe on Saturday and she jumped 2 feet in the air. She does not handle a metatarsal movement well. All this stress has resulted in oral blisters, ulcers and inflamed gums. She over grooms and then gets fur balls. She vomits and goes off her food.

Last time this happened it was just her tummy (my grandfather suffered from 'nervous dyspepsia' - perhaps its genetic) and she was given an injection and seemed to calm down. This time she has been on antibiotics for the infection in her mouth and on special food for invalids. And we had to put Bonjella on her gums... You can imagine how easy that was.

But the best part is that I have purchased my very own bottle of cat pheromones! Yes, I am ditching the Channel 'Chance' and the 'Armani Mania' in favour of eau de Feline.

I don't actually have to spray it on myself but I do have to spray it all over the house.

I am not sure if it will make Daisy any happier but 'they' say it is effective. And although 'they' say it has no effect on humans, you never know.

If you come to tea, I'll be watching that you don't scratch the sofa or pee on the carpet...


Shellbells said...

thats hilarious!!! Does the perfume stuff smell??? you might need to get a big scratching pole for visitors!!! lol...what if it entices other animals to dwell there???

E and T said...

Hi Rach

The things we do for our "animal companions"!

Here's hoping that the spray will do the trick and calm this feline down.

I can only imagine the dramas that go with putting Bongella on the gums of a stressed out cat.

I hope you see a clamer Daisy very soon.

Rach, I read you previous post and wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Lots of love

Kate said...

Awww, poor Daisy. It's amazing how sensitive cats are to what is going on around them. Good luck with those pheromones!

potty mouth mama said...

Poor Daisy, it's the pits when animals have crummy lives. But super good that you're giving her a better one.

I have never heard of the cat pheromone spray - what a hoot! I hope it works.