Wednesday, 26 November 2008

hip hip hooray

Minnie getting ready to crack open the peach nectar and whip up her mummy a Bellini...
Another year older today. Minnie has spent most of the morning claiming it is her birthday and not mine. Apparently I am not allowed to have a birthday (which some days I like the sound of).

I started the day at 5.15am with a trip to the gym. All done with the intention of negating any guilt I might feel for drinking that bottle of bubbles that is in the fridge. Bubbles and peach nectar. Mmm, the Bellini.

Mum and Dad sent me money to buy this book. On you M and D - they know what I like! I think I am getting a bike from Steve and Minnie - I need to try it out so it's not going to be a surprise. Unless they blind fold me and tell me that I am trying out a new chair (I have a bit of a chair thing and would fill the house with them if I could). Still, I may wonder why the chair has handle bars...

An early dinner out with Steve and Minnie. Nothing fancy pants as Minnie is not into sommeliers or degustation menus or $40.00 entrĂ©es. Give her a prawn and pork bun and she’s happy. But she does want us to wear dresses. We may look a little out of place at the bistro with our frocks on. Especially Steve…

It’s been a less than joyous year. Moving into the blue house has been wonderful. Loosing Alice has been shit. Hoping that this next year of my very mid 30’s will be a lot better. Perhaps it will be a most excellent year.

Clink, clink - here's to excellent years.

Friday, 21 November 2008

work harder, little mice...

I have been getting a lot of spam emails in my yahoo account. You know the kind, 'You have won the Spanish lottery' and 'Please help me transfer 7 gazillion dollars out of Nigeria.' Sometimes I get spam emails advertising certain pharmaceuticals for certain 'men's problems' and sometimes I get spam from 'my' bank asking for all my account details. I don't open them, I flag them as spam and delete them immediately.

Over the past few months I have been getting spam from a 'naughty' magazine. I am not going to say the 'P' word that rhymes with 'torn' as I don't want a million pimply teenager boys heading to my blog on the promise of some 'P' that rhymes with 'fawn.' So I have been deleting the 'offensive' emails and complaining loudly to my husband.

Until one day...

One day I read the title of the offending email not just the name of the sender. Strangely the title of this 'P' word that rhymes with 'fawn' included the word 'Craft.' Craft. Craft? I could hear the tiny mice on the treadmills inside my brain and the little cogs started whirring. From way deep inside my what can now be only referred to the useless grey mass inside my head, a flicker of recognition. Something familiar about the email. Something familiar about the sender. The little flicker of recognition became a thought that became a huge 'ohhhh.'

You see I have been complaining and deleting and complaining about all the emails from BUST. Not a naughty magazine for pimply boys but BUST the super cool women's magazine. I had been deleting the emails that I had signed up for.

Some days the tiny mice are not working hard enough...

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

tagging along...

The lovely Emma tagged me (ages ago) in the 'quirky yet boring facts.' This is light on the quirky and heavy on the boring...

1. I hate tight underpants.

2. I prefer to sleep on the side of the bed that is closest to the door.

3. I don't like rats tails. Rat bodies are OK but they have the tail of a reptile and that is just not right.

4. Sometimes I take sugar in my coffee and tea then sometimes I don't. I like to keep people guessing.

5. I swear like a trooper in the car. I try not to swear like a trooper in the car because my little co-pilot can also swear like a trooper. Not such a good thing.

6. I do not own any yellow clothes but I love my yellow handbag and my yellow shoes (but not at the same time).

7. I dream of finding small country towns that have wonderful bakery's and rambling junk stores. That's all I need.

I am not going to tag anyone on this one as I know everyone in the blogging world has done it already. But feel free to leave a quirky fact in the comments section.

And one of the sweetest people I know, Mary-Beth, awarded me this sometime back - thank you for thinking of me.

Monday, 17 November 2008

PS - the being green compromise...

So I have decided to continue to use the green friendly washing powder. And the the not so green washing powder. The white clothes and the particularly grotty clothes get the hard core not-so-good for the planet powder and the less dirty clothes get the happy-earth-loving one. I think that its a good compromise.

On other earthly matters, the snakes have not made a further appearance. Must be waiting to scare the pants off me another day. I have my very own snake specialist friend now - Beverley calls to check on the snake sitings and provides an overview of snake comings and goings in the Shire. Makes me feel safer knowing we have Beverley on call.

And a final green report, I have resisted buying snail pellets for our garden. I have lost 3 pumpkin seedlings, 12 lettuce seedlings, 1 eggplant, a mass of sorrel leaves and part of the cucumber plant. I have built barricades and enclosures out of bird netting and I am trying to lure the snails to the 'pit of death' with good German beer. Have they fallen for the 'pit of death'? No, they have not. I can only surmise that we are in wine country...

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Being Green

Minnie carrying out some scientific analysis on the washing powder...

I try to be green. I recycle, I compost, I shop at op shops (the re-use box ticked there) and I have voted for people like this lovely man. As a child I remember our whole family loudly protesting against this bit of Tasmanian history. We were in tree planting groups and helped saved wildlife and monitored the platypus population in our river. I went to hippie festivals and I sometimes eat tofu. I buy the 'greener, safer' options for some household products and I have been known to use a little vinegar and baking powder around the place. So I decided to try a new washing powder out on the market. I had such high hopes, I really did. I was willing it to work. Wishing that it would end my relationship with our current washing powder.

My husband got the washing off the line. He wondered what had happened because some grime/dirt was on his shorts and his trousers and his tee-shirt. Mmm, I said and inspected the clothes. Mmm, they still had some grime on them. Mmm, they were not as clean as they should have been. I was deflated. I so wanted to fall in love with this new, nicely packaged, happy and earth loving powder.

Do you live with slightly less clean clothes and the warm feeling of being good to the plant? Or do you use the powder that may be slowly killing off the waterways but by golly, you look great in that clean, white tee-shirt?

Mmm, but I do look good in white...

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

now my nerves are shot!

Snakes Alive!

We have snakes!

I just found a snake on the veranda, long and slinky and rearing up at me. I grabbed Minnie and moved faster than the speed of light, I kid you not. Faster than any woman has ever moved before. I went and found Daisy, shut all the doors, put on Playschool (to district Minnie and the cat), called Steve and panicked.

You see I am a country girl from a place in Australia where all the snakes want to kill you. Dead. They take no prisoners. Growing up we didn't see the kind, friendly snakes so I have a fear of them. Worse than my fear of rats...

I stopped shaking and then called some people who know about these things. They gave me the details of other calm, snake friendly people who are going to come and find my uninvited guests.

The good news is that they are most likely harmless. However, 'most likely harmless' ain't quite good enough for me.

If anyone comes looking for us, we are barricaded in the sitting room with 'Playschool' on the TV, coffee for me and pfeffernusse for Minnie. Daisy is keeping watch at the french doors. I am not sure how her nerves will cope if the 1.5mt slithering reptile returns...

I know it will be too much for mine.
(painting: 'Lilith with a Snake,'(1892), John Collier)

Monday, 10 November 2008

her nerves are shot...

Daisy is our fluffy, lovable companion animal (apparently its not PC to call them 'pets').

But Daisy has some issues. Daisy is neurotic. She suffers from recurrent episodes that can only be described as nervous brake downs. Or the vapors. Or a total skitz out.

We adopted Daisy from the RSPCA in 2005. She was about 1 or 2 years old and had been brought in as a injured stray. We have no idea of what her previous life was like but given no-one came looking for her, I imagine it was crappy. She was at the shelter for 5 months before we adopted her. Poor love.

Daisy is terribly flighty and a complete wreck at the moment. I think its a combination of the move, being outside sometimes (she was a full time inside cat at our last house) and just picking up on the stress and sadness in the house.

I wriggled my toe on Saturday and she jumped 2 feet in the air. She does not handle a metatarsal movement well. All this stress has resulted in oral blisters, ulcers and inflamed gums. She over grooms and then gets fur balls. She vomits and goes off her food.

Last time this happened it was just her tummy (my grandfather suffered from 'nervous dyspepsia' - perhaps its genetic) and she was given an injection and seemed to calm down. This time she has been on antibiotics for the infection in her mouth and on special food for invalids. And we had to put Bonjella on her gums... You can imagine how easy that was.

But the best part is that I have purchased my very own bottle of cat pheromones! Yes, I am ditching the Channel 'Chance' and the 'Armani Mania' in favour of eau de Feline.

I don't actually have to spray it on myself but I do have to spray it all over the house.

I am not sure if it will make Daisy any happier but 'they' say it is effective. And although 'they' say it has no effect on humans, you never know.

If you come to tea, I'll be watching that you don't scratch the sofa or pee on the carpet...

Friday, 7 November 2008

like an egg...

If you leave me in the box, I am fine. Safe and warm and protected.

If you take me out and leave me teetering on the bench, then I could fall and crack.

My Dr thinks I am a bit fragile at the moment. I guess she is right. I saw her yesterday and she was, as always, lovely. We talked about Alice and about some of the results we are still waiting for. She asked how I was coping. How my husband is coping. She asked THE questions to see if there was any sign of PND. She offered counselling, if we ever feel we need it. And she talked about all the things we are doing right. Like visiting sites like this and this and this and reading the stories of people who have been through similar experiences.

I told her about a friend I have never met that has helped me more than she will ever know just by being on the other end of an email and letting me open the floodgates. Sadly this friend knows more than me about the pain of loss. Thank you Tiff, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In January this year I had a miscarriage. It was early in the pregnancy. It was all straightforward. I didn't need to go to the hospital. We were sad, disappointed and I felt miserable for quite a while. A few months passed and I was pregnant again. I was nervous from the start. I counted every week, just aching to get to 12 weeks. Then all was fine. All was OK. It looks great.

But it wasn't.

You know the rest.

No more babies this year.

Its been 8 weeks since Alice was born. Since Alice died. We have the birth certificate now. The death certificate has not returned. Good. They can keep that for as long as they like.

I know she is dead.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

a super day

What a wonderful outcome in the big election. Watched the very moving acceptance speech live this afternoon and felt all goose-bumpy and a bit teary. Super fantastic.

Minnie has had a 3 day obsession with Spiderman. She had never seen him or heard of him until Monday. At her bestest friend's house it all started. I don't think he has ever seen him but he has the costume. Oh how she fell in love with the blue and red spandex. Oh how she screamed when she left. Oh how I folded like a pack of cards/bent like a willow and said she could have her very own costume. So over the past 2 days we have visited 5 stores in search of a Spiderman costume in a size 2-3. Do you think we could find one?

I can hear you all saying 'but you could just make one!' Yes you are right there but you have not seen the cat costume I made out of a DKNY top. Donna would die if she saw what happened. So the one time when I decide just to buy the blooming thing that cost 2 cents to make we can't find one. In the 5th store we found some red and blue spandex but its Superman. Minnie had no idea who or what Superman is but she told me in the store 'I love Superman.' How could I refuse? In the panic to get out of the Big store before any more love affairs began I didn't get the cape that goes with the suit. Oops. Double oops. But the ever resourceful Minnie decided it is was OK to wear her 'brown elephant cape' (it matches her elephant softie) with the new outfit. Add the pink boots. Lovely combination.

Maybe Donna would forgive the cat costume when she sees this ensemble?

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Go, you good thing...

I am of course referring to the Reserve Bank! You little beauty!

I am not sure who won the Melbourne Cup. Gone are the days of wearing a strange thing on my head and drinking bubbles in the afternoon. I am also a little squirmy about gambling. Once upon a time a worked in community welfare and got to see some of the results of gambling. And no, it wasn't commonly a big fancy house and a car and lots of gold jewellery. I understand that a little flutter is fun and all but for some people it ain't that easy.

(This is fast becoming a rather random post...)

We had a builder here today to supply quotes for skylights. As he was looking at the kitchen, Minnie ran in and announced very loudly 'I want to wee in the garden like Daisy-Cat.' Priceless. So was the look on his face.

I will be back soon with some photos of the sewing room - new storage solutions are in place. But it still looks like a squat in there... Give me a few days. My dear friend and I both spend a lot of our sleeping and waking hours dreaming/thinking of storage solutions. Hours spent at Ikea, at and in the Ikea catalogue. Does this happen to all women when they become adults/parents/WAHM's?

Maurice Monster is a new lad in the shop. More to come...

Monday, 3 November 2008

I am not actually allowed to..

vote tomorrow but if I could, I would vote for the man who's surname rhymes with Llama.

I spent quite a lot of time in the US in another life, in another time, with another man so I feel a little bit connected to the country. The man spent some time in the Middle East, on behalf of Mr G Bush. He didn't mind but I didn't think it was such a good idea. It seems now that millions of other people agree that perhaps it was not such a good idea.
I wish the US well and hope that after Tuesday, things get a little better for everyone.

And don't forget to vote, my American friends.

Oh and I know that some people think that crafty blogs about families and cooking shouldn't delve into the murky world of politics. Naughty me, pushing the boundaries of blogging... If only my Political Science lecturers could see me now...