Tuesday, 18 November 2008

tagging along...

The lovely Emma tagged me (ages ago) in the 'quirky yet boring facts.' This is light on the quirky and heavy on the boring...

1. I hate tight underpants.

2. I prefer to sleep on the side of the bed that is closest to the door.

3. I don't like rats tails. Rat bodies are OK but they have the tail of a reptile and that is just not right.

4. Sometimes I take sugar in my coffee and tea then sometimes I don't. I like to keep people guessing.

5. I swear like a trooper in the car. I try not to swear like a trooper in the car because my little co-pilot can also swear like a trooper. Not such a good thing.

6. I do not own any yellow clothes but I love my yellow handbag and my yellow shoes (but not at the same time).

7. I dream of finding small country towns that have wonderful bakery's and rambling junk stores. That's all I need.

I am not going to tag anyone on this one as I know everyone in the blogging world has done it already. But feel free to leave a quirky fact in the comments section.

And one of the sweetest people I know, Mary-Beth, awarded me this sometime back - thank you for thinking of me.


Jackie said...

I sleep closest to the door as well. Makes it faster to get to the kids. Now it doesn't matter, though. There's no one to jump over anymore.
I love that you swear like a trooper in the car, Rach...and that your co-pilot follows suit. I know it's not PC but a swearing toddler always makes me laugh!

Anna said...

I like number 7!