Wednesday, 22 October 2008

And I am very lucky...

After my whiny post yesterday about not getting enough sleep, we all had a lovely sleep last night! Yippie. Of course I love her to the ends of the earth regardless of her trying sleeping patterns. Minnie also had an afternoon nap yesterday (admittedly I had to cuddle her and rock her to sleep). So we are all happy and full of the joys of life today.

I joined a gym last week. Its a new shinny gym full of lovely equipment and smiling people. I use to go to the gym, back before babies, but I was never a 'gym junkie.' I enjoyed working out and feeling strong and fit but I still drank lots and ate too much cream and cheese and did other things I shouldn't have. I have carried far too many extra kilos for far too long and after years of complaining, I have jumped back into it. Now there will not be any crazy dieting going on as I do not believe in it and ultimately don't thinks its healthy. All is moderation is the key.

We are very conscious of setting a good example for Minnie as exercise is so important and if it becomes a normal part of life, then it will be easy to keep up and enjoy. There have been numerous programmes here on ABC examining the new health problems of the future - obesity, diabetes, and stress. Given we have some clear genetic markers for all three, we decided it was time to do what we could to ensure we are here for as long as we can and to try and ward off some of these health problems.

So I have been getting up just after 5.00AM and heading to the gym, which is about 10-15 minutes away. Yep, its early but I enjoy that part of the day. I have always found it easy to get up early - to study or to start a long commute to work. There is something special about being up while most of the city is sleeping (or perhaps not, if they have a baby/toddler).

My time in the gym is really relaxing, under the sweating and grunting. Its the only time I have to myself. Of course I get to go supermarket shopping sometimes or to run errands but that's not my personal time. At the gym I can think about stuff and listen to my iPod and just be 'a person at the gym' for an hour. Not a mum. Or a wife. Or a grieving woman. Just a person at the gym.

Sometimes I think we all need to be just 'a person at the gym.'


Poppy and Mei said...

I'm glad you got some sleep, something in the air the other night me thinks.
I wish I was a morning person, maybe then I could sort out who my "person at the gym is" ...XXxx

Kate said...

It is so nice to be up early in Spring weather. I agree we all need a little time to ourselves - it really makes me get to the gym.

potty mouth mama said...

I love those stolen moments in the morning, though I'm not much of a morning person - gosh, wish I was. Great reading about the gym, inspiring. Makes me want to get out there and clock up some 'me minutes' for myself..
Hope Minnie keeps up with some longer sleeps. Sleep deprivation really exacerbates everything, doesn't it?

tiff said...

I love geting up early and just listening to the quiet. Watching the sunrise and not having to talk.

Glad you got more sleep.