Tuesday, 23 September 2008

the blue house

So we have finally moved. The blue house is now ours and is bursting at the seams with cartons and mess and complete chaos. We had been so excited about this day coming - moving into our very own house. Our very own old blue house on the hill, looking out to the ocean and the lake. We received the keys after settlement and came straight here. I wasn't excited. I felt like vomiting. I wasn't happy and I didn't want to be here. Not like this. Not with so much sadness inside us.

But the next day we returned and the sun was shinning and we felt a little happier to be here. Happier to be here but not happy. Far from happy. Perhaps the furthest I have been.


Nikki said...

A big hug to you, and a hope that this new house will be filled with love and light.

starry said...

My thoughts are still with you. Good luck settling in to the new home.

Jessica said...

Your new house sounds lovely. My best with your move and my thoughts are with you.

tiff said...

My thoughts are always with you.
Hope you find some peace in your blue house overlooking the ocean.
We had only moved into our new home when William died. The trees and the mountains were very calming after those first raw months of grief. I could sit for a very long time looking at them.

Hugs. It will take time until you find your happy again.

Dick & Dora said...

I have no personal experience of such a thing and don't feel like there is anything I can say that goes anyway towards making you feel better, but I am thinking of you so often and hope that there are people close by for comfort and support. Keep writing. Harriet x