Friday, 22 August 2008

No crafty goodness but

some photos from time spent with our guests. I am feeling increasingly guilty for not blogging about applique or sewing or printing or any interesting things. I am feeling a bit guilty for not having finished the tutorial and not having shown you the 'Jabberwocky'... Oh dear.

I can tell you that cooking for 9 is very different to cooking for 2 and a toddler. I can also tell you that if I have to make another cup of tea, I may implode.

Even if I have not been commenting, I am lurking around the blogging world. Hello to you all.


Anonymous said...

beautiful photos.

I can imagine the exhaustion of a million cups of tea.

Good to hear that everything is going well with you.

tiff said...

oops, sorry anon was me :P

Selina said...

Blog world will still be here when your vistors leave and your tea making ends. Have fun with them!

Poppy and Mei said...

I'm just so happy for you all!
Beautiful pics by the way.
Oh yeah, make us a cuppa would ya love? ;p Xxx

emma said...

Hi! So nice to hear from another seems the community is growing. Congrats on your big news, two is lots of fun.

Taueret said...

hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog, how exciting to learn that there's another Etsyian lost on the Central Coast ;-). I've subscribed to your blog- hopefully we can get together one day, I think our small people are about the same ages too.

jodi said...

Congrats on beautiful bubba news. Just read on hazyjane that you're a local. Me too! I teach pre-natal yoga at yogaways in terrigal if you are interested. Sweet prep classes for pregnancy, birth and beyond.