Friday, 22 August 2008

No crafty goodness but

some photos from time spent with our guests. I am feeling increasingly guilty for not blogging about applique or sewing or printing or any interesting things. I am feeling a bit guilty for not having finished the tutorial and not having shown you the 'Jabberwocky'... Oh dear.

I can tell you that cooking for 9 is very different to cooking for 2 and a toddler. I can also tell you that if I have to make another cup of tea, I may implode.

Even if I have not been commenting, I am lurking around the blogging world. Hello to you all.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Still here....

I have been an absent blogger, not delivering on my promises of finished tutorials and photo's of re purposed softies. Its just been very hectic and not showing an signs of slowing down. Guests here from overseas and interstate. House purchase is moving along and mid September looks like the end of settlement! Then comes the big move. Moving tips will be greatly appreciated - we have moved a lot as a singles and as a childless couple but this will be the first move with Minnie and her 7 million books and 37 thousand toys. Help, please...

Starting to feel little flutters so I think all is well with little Buttons. Definitely looking pregnant these days.

I will be back with more, one fine day...