Friday, 13 June 2008

her favourite things...three

Dressing up has to be up there as possibly number 1. She loves it. This is a creation I made when sick with that long lasting cold. One day she decided that she wanted to be a cowboy and she wanted the outfit she had seen on a pattern I have in my great pattern stash. Given how I was feeling I, A; wanted to make her happy to keep peace in the house and B; sew it in record time. The pants in the pattern are chaps - way to tricky in my feverish state and a little bit Mardi Gras for a 2 year old...

So I got the cow print fabric on sale at Spotlight (the only fabric store on the Coast), made the pants using the same technique for the 'lounge pants from sheets' craze that has hit the blogging world. I am sure you have seen them - I have made some great ones out of vintage sheets found at the op shop (thrift stores). If you haven't seen them or the instructions, you just 'trace' around a pair you have (adding a seam allowance) and sew them up. It is really that simple. Let me know if you want some instructions as I can post mine here. Soule Mama also gives instructions in her fab book (get it if you have not already) of how to make babies trousers out of old adult sized tee-shirts.

Then I made the vest hacked roughly from the pattern I had. As you will see from the photo, I have not even sewed in the serged ends before she wanted to wear it. (I serged the entire thing in a matter of minutes). She loves it. She really does.

We are being left alone again for 2 long weeks. Minnie misses her Daddy terribly when he is gone, as do I. Sometimes I wish I married to the guy at the corner store - he never seems to go anywhere. Perhaps out the back occasionally when he is re-stocking the fridge but not much further than that. But I do get duty free and exciting things from stores we don't have here. And honestly I don't think the guy at the corner shop would be able to keep me happy, even with an endless supply of chocolate and salt and vinegar crisps...

Have a lovely weekend.


tiff said...

mmmmm. salt and venegar chips...*drool*

Hope teh two weeks fly by

E and T said...

We love dress ups at our house as well. I love all of the imaginative play that you can get up to when dressing up. It's also an activity that lasts for more than 5 minutes.

I really need to learn to sew. I think it's fantastic that you could whip up a cowgirl outfit on request.


Chantal Butcher said...

Hi Rach
Thanks for dropping by my blog styledbaby, you were my very first random visitor who left a comment, love to hear how you came across my tiny little blog. I am off to visit your etsy shop now.