Tuesday, 25 March 2008

now I can breathe...

Minnie 1 hour old

How quickly a seemingly mundane trip to the grocery store can turn into a moment when you seem to stop breathing. All was fine one minute and then Minnie starts complaining 'oowie' and grabbing at her neck. It was red - I thought that it may be an allergy or a bite so I wipe the area with a cool cloth. Then the 'oowie' moves very quickly to uncontrollable sobbing. I knew that this was not right. Rushed back to car, pushing trolley, covered in a 2 year old crying toddler. I was in a mild but controlled panic - she is complaining of a stiff neck. Not a good sign.

We rushed to our Doctor and Minnie's crying distressed the waiting patients. We then waited together in the Doctors office. Minnie's crying started to slow down but even half asleep, she was crying. Her temperature was normal so I relaxed a little, ears clear of infection and no obvious trauma to the neck. But she wouldn't turn her neck and was still crying. The Doctor gave her some painkillers and we headed home - the surgery Nurse came out the car and told me just to take her to the hospital if she didn't stop crying.

Cried on the way home and cried being carried half asleep into the house. Cried as I carried her to our bed and cried as I lay down with her. Her crying stopped as she cuddled into and latched onto my breast. I then cried a little thanking the stars for not having weaned her yet.

She is now finally sitting up (after hours of laying down) and seems to be on the mend, still complaining of a sore neck, still a tiny bit of crying . And still a tiny bit of crying from me being thankful that it is not something far more serious.


Poppy & Mei said...

Oh my dears!
What a shock for both of you.
Well done Mumma for getting her to the DR. asap.
I hope you both just keep on feeling better, we are thinking of you...Xxx

melissa said...

Thank goodness your little girl was not seriously ill. How frightening that must have been!

Anna said...

I'm so glad she is getting better! How SCARY! What an awful feeing it is when your child is ill and you don't know what's going on.

Jo said...

Sorry to hear that Minnie was in pain (and totally scaring the pants off you!!) Glad to hear she is getting better.