Tuesday, 18 March 2008

favourite things two

I am continuing with my theme 'a few of my favourite things' rather than bore you with the details from my mundane Monday - I cleaned the oven (I loath this more than any other domestic duty), did 4 loads of washing, and spent 1 hour going through the draws of the sideboard looking for receipts for tax time (July here in Australia). There was of course some super fun time - 'paste-paste' time (collage), play dough and a million stories with Minnie (this is her blog name - in case any one was wondering...).

So back to the topic. I love chairs. I really love chairs. Here is one that I love. I found a pair of them at a thrift store and I adore the shape and the colour of the fabric.

There as so many more chairs that I obsess with from afar. My sister previously worked for a interiors store that specialised in chairs - you know, Arne Jacobsen, Hans J Wegner, the list goes on. That job was one of my dream jobs.


Jackie said...

My parent's had chairs SO similar to these when I was younger but in burnt orange! They're great, Rach.
Thanks so much for your input on my last blog post. Law, eh? Sounds dull to me too. You're right, what was an 18 year old doing thinking logically??

Melissa said...

these are fantastic. i have a thing for old chairs too.

Poppy & Mei said...

Oh that chair. THAT CHAIR! Xxx