Friday, 29 February 2008

Farewell summer, my dear friend

I always feel a little sad at the end of summer. Our long warm days will soon be over. I should not really complain as we do continue to have warm weather up until April... However I really don't like the short days. It has been a bloomin' terrible summer to be honest - more rain than I have ever seen. A few household drama's and illness. A rather silly moment when I missed our flights. The list goes on. Perhaps autumn will be a fresh start to the year!

Minnie Mishap - it went a little like this;

husband: Honey, where are you?
me: sewing love, what's up?
husband: I think Minnie may have shoved some play dough up her nose.
me: Oh brilliant! Can she breath? Bring me the torch (flashlight).

(Next 10 minutes: Calls to my mum, the Pediatric ward, some lessons in nose blowing and a bit of screaming).

me: Just put the Wiggles on, please....
Minnie: owwwwwieeeeee

(After a few minutes more of that, all quite)

Another look with the torch and hey, presto, the play dough has gone! I think it ended up in her tummy.

(A little later, Minnie asleep and mummy and daddy having a boozy drink...)

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