Saturday, 12 January 2008

something yummy, something old, something new...

Having home made pasta tonight - my husband is out getting some pasta flour and other things at the shops. He made his own sugo (passatta) on Thursday so this will be a showcase for that! He slaved away over the stove and the Muli for hours - what a love!

What a mad morning getting photos taken of some new designs. Minnie proved to be a wonderful model yet again. We could not believe that some of the onesies (bodysuits), including the Reggie Rhino above, are a Size 00! All the Size 2's look like adult clothes on her. She is a minnie Minnie!

Also time to revisit some old designs and redo the shots - I love this vintage fabric in the dress above and love the dress design. I am going to keep this one for Minnie and just have enough left for a size 00, 1T or 2T. I will not be too sad if it does not sell as I can keep the fabric for another dress for Minnie.

Its so very warm here today - I love reading blogs from the Northern Hemisphere and seeing the pictures of snow! We are melting here!


Melissa said...

oh- i love your pinafore dresses! they're so funky and would bring a smile to any little one.
happy new year to you! x

Jo said...

Hi there Rach, I just came across your stuff on Etsy, it is gorgeous! I love the space guy applique. Then I realised you are in Sydney, me too, small world.