Saturday, 19 January 2008

Its raining, its pouring...

It has been wet and muggy and muggy and wet for days now. Minnie is climbing the walls as what she really wants to do is play in her paddling pool. Yes I know - she would get wet anyway but I don't really fancy standing around in the rain. So tomorrow we will go to the pool for some 'kick, kick, swim.'

We have been doing the library, cooking, drawing, paininting, playdough all week. Her latest game invloves dinosaurs (she loves) them and their playdough poo! Very funny indeed. Purchased a new potty today so perhaps is just on her mind...

I have been very busy this week sewing goodies for etsy. Lots of new designs and more to come.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

something yummy, something old, something new...

Having home made pasta tonight - my husband is out getting some pasta flour and other things at the shops. He made his own sugo (passatta) on Thursday so this will be a showcase for that! He slaved away over the stove and the Muli for hours - what a love!

What a mad morning getting photos taken of some new designs. Minnie proved to be a wonderful model yet again. We could not believe that some of the onesies (bodysuits), including the Reggie Rhino above, are a Size 00! All the Size 2's look like adult clothes on her. She is a minnie Minnie!

Also time to revisit some old designs and redo the shots - I love this vintage fabric in the dress above and love the dress design. I am going to keep this one for Minnie and just have enough left for a size 00, 1T or 2T. I will not be too sad if it does not sell as I can keep the fabric for another dress for Minnie.

Its so very warm here today - I love reading blogs from the Northern Hemisphere and seeing the pictures of snow! We are melting here!

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

and the baby is 2...

Our gorgeous baby has vanished and became this amazing 2 year old. It has been a truly amazing, exhausting, thrilling, emotional and sleepless 2 years. 3 days before her 2nd birthday Minnie finally slept through the night! Nothing can prepare you for what it is like becoming a parent. Nothing prepares you for the depth of love and protection that you feel for this little person. We would not change all the sleepless nights for anything - we love Minnie just the way she is. Happy birthday sweet girl.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Back from the Wilds...

Well not really the wilds but somewhere other than where I should be posting. One of my resolutions this year is to post twice a week - lets see how I go!

I wanted to introduce you to some of my favourite people on etsy as they are inherently more interesting than me!

Firstly let me introduce you to Sarah of the wonderful shop crackersart ( Sarah produces the most amazing paintings that would brighten up any child's bedroom or playroom. The original designs are also available as adorable fridge magnates and as greeting cards. I think that these paintings make a great gift for a new or not so new little one. You can catch up with Sarah over at

Another lovely etsian is Kim at with her sweet range of babies snugglies, burp clothes and tagies. I love the fact that Kim uses reclaimed and recycled fabrics in her creations. Kim has a great eye for design as she combines wonderful fabric patterns and styles when producing her items. Just gorgeous.

Finally I think you need to visit - the range of mobiles are just stunning. Go on, have a look!

I promise that I will be back as soon as I can with more on my creations and my no fail muffin recipe...