Sunday, 14 October 2007

etsy'ing along

Just a quick post in what has been a very busy couple of weeks. I have listed a few items on etsy now and I have been really excited by the interest and comments from other etsy'ans. Its such a great community with amazingly talented people. Just need to spread the etsy word...

Monday, 1 October 2007

After weeks of sewing...

Finally after weeks of sewing I have started listing items on my etsy site. This has been a very exciting day for me - to see my creations on the web looking so very smart! Now I just need to wait and see what people think of my things.

Perhaps I should explain my shop/blogg name? Grandy is my mother - my daughters Grandmother or Grandy as she calls her. I am Baa as for months my baby called me Baa not Mummy. My mother is a truly skilled crafter, quilter, seamstress, toy maker, sewing teacher, etc etc. I think I have been her toughest student!

As a child I loved making toys and clothes for my toys. Growing up I continued to sew and spent a lot of time seeking out vintage clothes and fabrics and re-styling them. I have some great skirts made from gorgeous vintage curtains. I love op-sopping (thrifting) and now re-style clothes for my toddler.

I had better get back to it - some very cute little creatures need to be finished, pronto!