Thursday, 8 November 2007

Hong Kong

We are back from an amazing holiday to Hong Kong - such a vibrant, bustling, sometimes heaving city. We ate loads of wonderful food and spent 11 exhausting days chasing our toddler around. Would do it all again in a flash.

I arrived home to find a fantastic little etsy purchase waiting for me - the brilliant magazine 'Mixtape 'Zine" from miztapezine. It is a 'handmade ' magazine full of a wonderful collection of articles on music, gardening, parenting, craft, cooking, and great interviews with some very clever and talented people. Highly recommended - well done! Visit for more information in the 'zines.
Back to the drawing board now as I need to focus on getting some dresses finished for etsy, finish some unfinished prijects and put some designs down on paper. Perhaps expect some influences from Asia...

Sunday, 14 October 2007

etsy'ing along

Just a quick post in what has been a very busy couple of weeks. I have listed a few items on etsy now and I have been really excited by the interest and comments from other etsy'ans. Its such a great community with amazingly talented people. Just need to spread the etsy word...

Monday, 1 October 2007

After weeks of sewing...

Finally after weeks of sewing I have started listing items on my etsy site. This has been a very exciting day for me - to see my creations on the web looking so very smart! Now I just need to wait and see what people think of my things.

Perhaps I should explain my shop/blogg name? Grandy is my mother - my daughters Grandmother or Grandy as she calls her. I am Baa as for months my baby called me Baa not Mummy. My mother is a truly skilled crafter, quilter, seamstress, toy maker, sewing teacher, etc etc. I think I have been her toughest student!

As a child I loved making toys and clothes for my toys. Growing up I continued to sew and spent a lot of time seeking out vintage clothes and fabrics and re-styling them. I have some great skirts made from gorgeous vintage curtains. I love op-sopping (thrifting) and now re-style clothes for my toddler.

I had better get back to it - some very cute little creatures need to be finished, pronto!

Friday, 21 September 2007

And in the begining....

We here goes - this is the very first post on my very first blog. Although I thought I had a million things to say, I am now struggling to think of anything of any interest to anyone! I am sure this will pass and I will get into the swing of it soon. I suppose an introduction to a good place to start.

I am a very busy mum to an even busier 20 month old girl and partner to a wonderful husband.

I am at home full time where I spend my days entertaining our daughter, cooking and beavering away up in the sewing room while she has the occasional nap. I can't really remember when I started sewing as I have been surrounded my sewing, craft, and art all my life. I remember hand sewing toys and clothes for my dolls and then moving onto to sewing my own clothes - some of which have survived for over 30 years! I will try and dig them out.

My other interests vary - reading if I had more time, art, listening to music, being outside - especially at the beach, hunting for vintage fabric and clothes that I can give a second life, travelling and eating! I am passionate about reading to children from birth, encouraging creativity and a love of the arts in little people, singing and dancing with my daughter and letting her get out and mucky in the garden.

Off to try and get some dresses finished. I am sure I will get the hang of this blogging caper at some stage....